C4D Crew

Your Minnesota creative home financing specialists

The Contract for Deed Crew has a passion for home ownership.

Helping you own a home in Minnesota on a contract for deed.

In the every-changing world of home financing, many persons who should be able to qualify for home ownership in Minnesota can face problems with obtaining a mortgage. Small business owners, recently divorced persons, those with compromised credit scores, and those who still have a bankruptcy on their credit report may all encounter difficulty purchasing a home. Even moderate student loan debt can knock recent college graduates out of the picture. The Contract for Deed Crew (C4D) is dedicated to helping you find a way to own your home, and our innovative methods have made this possible for scores of clients.

How It Works

It’s simple! Together we find a place you want to call home, we purchase that property, and we sell it back to you. Congratulations!  Now you’re a homeowner!

How We Do It

We sell the home to you on a contract for deed basis, you make payments to us, and since we have secured the loan, we pay the bank. Okay, maybe it can be a little more complicated than that, but we strive to make it a painless process for both real estate agents and our customers.

How We Can Help

C4D serves potential homeowners, but we welcome calls from real estate agents who many times bring us potential buyers who need our financing help.

The Advantage

Instead of having to deal with a nameless and many times uncaring mortgage broker or bank lending officer, you deal directly with us. We are small business people; we understand the intricacies of operating a business and take everything into consideration, if, for example, your 1040 income might not qualify you for a standard big bank mortgage, or if you have had some past credit issues. And we understand that bad credit report items should not automatically preclude you from homeownership.

A contract for deed is a complex legal agreement and foreclosure laws do not apply.  You should seek legal counsel before entering into any agreement.