We've Been There

We understand the challenges of home financing in Minnesota

Purchase on contract for deed in Minnesota. Save money and
don't be a lifetime tenant.

About The Crew

We were both lifetime tenants (we wish we would have purchased on a contract for deed in Minnesota immediately). At first we thought it was great being a renter – no repairs, no property taxes – but after a few years we realized we were throwing our money away. We were always trapped in leases at our landlord’s whim. Even if we were great tenants, we had no stability as our landlord could sell our residence at any time, and when the lease was up, we might have to move. We were not building our own equity and yet we were paying down our landlord’s mortgage. We saved and finally bought our first home.

Immediately we reaped the benefit of a mortgage interest tax deduction, and we felt in control as we could remodel when we wanted to without having to get permission.

As we talked to family and friends, we realized that not everyone, for a variety of reasons, was able to purchase and finance a home. We genuinely wanted to help more people attain the joy of home ownership, and we were ready to start a business, so the Contract for Deed Crew was born.

We were always trapped in leases at our landlord’s whim

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