Utilize your entire contact list

We generate qualified leads for your business

We work with Realtors to help sell Minnesota homes on contract for deed.

Our proven methods work well for many prospective buyers who may have had past financing difficulties.

We guarantee that your commission will be intact and unaffected.

See How We Can Help Your Clients

We are happy to work with you, and we guarantee that your commission will be intact and unaffected. How many times have you lost a deal on a Minnesota home because it was so close, but ultimately turned down by a loan officer? Or maybe you had a client looking for a rent to own home in Minnesota, but couldn’t find financing. We can take these deals and find a way to get them done, because we understand financing, have a great program, and we have an investor network that works with us. We don’t look at brokers as adversaries; instead we understand that we are partners with the same goals — selling a Minnesota home. We want happy new homeowners equipped with solid financing.

  • Your commission is unaffected – you keep it.
  • We can help close marginal deals.
  • We know how to be creative.
  • All of your contacts can be turned into fresh leads!
  • We make things happen when others cannot.
  • We work with you – not against you.
Credit Repair

We understand that bad things happen to good people; and sometimes a job loss, business issue, unexpected medical bills or an old judgment can seriously injure a previously excellent credit score. To help with these issues, we have created strategic partnerships with great vendors to help our customers repair their credit. Please feel free to email or call us for further information.

Down Payment Assistance

While most of our customers are able to bring us a sizable down payment, there are some people who need financial help. Therefore, we have developed customized plans to deal with these situations.