Coworking Options & Tips for Real Estate Professionals

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Many entrepreneurs and startups begin at home, especially Realtors and agents in our industry. But major issues are developing when it comes to at-home work — isolation and a lack of self-care are limiting productivity in certain instances. Some new research by Shinesty has even proven that many at-home workers are spending full days in their underwear or even working naked (absolutely crazy, right?).

So that’s why Coworking is a great alternative for entrepreneurs and real estate agents wanting to get out of their home office, their local Starbucks, or the local library to avoid those isolation issues mentioned above. 

With a coworking office space for rent, you’re free to get your business out of your home and into your first professional address with minimal risks. Think about it: if you’re writing awesome real estate blogs from your home and you’re getting clients to respond, you need a space to bring them in for meetings, right?

There’s more. If you thought that having your own professional office space would be difficult and expensive, think again! With help from services like My Perfect Workplace, you are bound to secure the perfect office space for rent in no time!

Here are 3 pros and 3 cons to consider:

Space You Can Afford

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One of the biggest benefits to securing a coworking office space for your real estate operation is the affordability. While many conventional office spaces are priced per square foot, coworking spaces tend to be priced at fixed rates with the possibility of discounts depending on the season, vacancy rates, and securing multiple spaces. What’s more, most coworking offices only require a small deposit, first month’s rent, and allow short-term leases. Most coworking offices offer single offices, larger suites, and single desks. Whatever your budget and requirement, your own professional office space is feasible!

Are You Qualified?

Many professionals will tell you that the qualification process for a traditional office space for rent is not easy. You’ll need to get your financial statements, credit, and business history in line before applying to lease an office. Coworking offices on the other hand, omit background checks, credit checks, and financial history. This is especially useful for new business ventures who lack all of the above. The application process is usually simple, only requiring a current bank account to take monthly rent payments and one person to be named the official lessee. 

Focus On The Things That Matter

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Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a coworking space for rent is the all-inclusive packages and amenities offered at most facilities. You may be thinking, “I qualify for a space within my budget, now what?” Now you relax and focus on growing your business! Most new coworking spaces are plug-and-play and are be delivered fully furnished with a desk, executive chair, and a guest’s chair so you ditch the hassle of purchasing new furniture or moving in your own. Office supplies, internet, telephones, and other utility costs will be included in your monthly rate, so you won’t have to worry about budgeting for those items. Don’t forget about common areas like a lounge, kitchen, and reception area. Most offices are stocked with snacks, coffee and tea, and a receptionist – all included in your rate to support your business!

Places like San Francisco or Los Angeles, are very popular for coworking offices and offer world-class amenities like gym memberships, gourmet catering, and leisure activities included in your monthly rent!

Not All Office Space for Rent is Created Equal

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Perhaps not all coworking office space for rent is created equal and demands a thorough consideration of all possible mishaps. One of the cons of securing a coworking office is that it is generally within a shared space. While your office may be private, you share the floor with tens of other tenants/businesses. This may be an issue for some sectors who require a high level of confidentiality, professionals who thrive when the least distractions are present, or teams who meet or receive visitors regularly. Shared space means noise, scheduling and space restrictions beyond your control. 

Planning Ahead Means Really Planning Ahead

A growing business is usually a good sign of success! But we know by know, in 2021, that keeping employees of all ages engaged, satisfied and happy, just like we learned from a brand new survey, regardless of where they work is hugely important. When operating out of a coworking space for rent, it may cause some concerns. Depending on your facility, securing one, two, or three contiguous office spaces for your team may be possible depending on availability.

However, being that most other tenants on the floor operate on different length lease terms, it may not be possible to get that large corner office that would be perfect for your growing team or the small office next door for your new assistant. The burden of keeping up to date with vacancies and availabilities will likely depend on your relationship with the property manager, your resilience in finding opportunities and accurate business projections.

Not Suitable for Everyone

Coworking office space for rent is perfect for various types of industries and professionals (most of you reading this are in the real estate industry which is PERFECT for coworking options) but there is a definite and exclusive requirement for membership.

These offices are meant mostly for administrative and non-invasive type businesses that unfortunately omit a lot of sectors. These facilities usually have only gendered bathrooms located centrally on the floor and don’t meet specific health requirements demanded by some types of businesses. Medical professionals, for instance, are often disqualified from applying for an office being that facilities cannot cater to services like special waste management or running water individually in offices. Some tech professionals that require a large amount of data management find that the bandwidth offered in their coworking office space for rent is not suitable. Other businesses may demand ceiling height requirements or especially accessible hallways and doors.

Whatever your requirements or qualifications are, there is surely a coworking office space for rent for you in your city! Take your business out of your home and into a professional work environment!