Furnishing Your New Home: 5 Things You Absolutely Need

1000 500 Sam Radbil

You’ve moved into your new home, and then you take a look around.

The older furnishings aren’t suiting the new room sizes and existing décor. They either don’t fill the space well, there’s too little of them (and replacements won’t match the existing pieces), or it’s just time to be out with the old and in with the new. 

To help you along, here are 5 things that you’ll want to get for your new home. 

A New Bed

If you’ve been dissatisfied with your existing mattress, then it might be time for a new one. 

The signs that you need a replacement include when it’s sagging in the middle, one side is lower, or it just doesn’t provide the level of support necessary for you. 

Also, if you’ve changed your sleeping posture previously – e.g. from a back sleeper to a side sleeper – then the current mattress might now be uncomfortable. 

In either case, getting a new mattress will do wonders for your sleep pattern. Be sure to search for the best online mattresses for your style of sleeping to be satisfied with the purchase. 

Desk Lamps and Standing Lamps

You may have decided to keep the existing lighting arrangements as they are. Perhaps they’re a little on the old side, but changing the lighting is not in the budget for now; other priorities are more important. In which case, what can you do to brighten up the darker rooms?

Changing to brighter bulbs is one option, but the bulb sockets will only accept up to a certain wattage. So, even with LEDs, there’s a limit to what you can do here. 

Another option is to furnish the darker rooms with standing lamps with an upplight design that projects light to the ceiling where it can spread across the ceiling. Desk lamps are also useful to illuminate common seating areas and other places where people like to relax. 


Add a bookcase to store your books and other items in an organized manner. 

If you’re moved into a larger home, perhaps these were previously put into storage or situated in the garage because the room sizes were restrictive. That’s no longer the case if the rooms are larger or there’s more of them. So, take advantage of the extra space to make your favorite books more accessible. 

Drawings or Paintings

If you dislike bare painted walls, then you’ll need some artistic drawings, paintings, or photography that’s framed to add some much-needed color and/or creativity to living spaces. If paintings are beyond your budget, then look at framed photographs – you can use some of your own – which is an inexpensive way to personalize. 

It stands to reason that before you do this, you might also wish to change the color scheme in the home first to avoid trying to cover up an ugly color with the artwork. 

Floor Rugs

If the new home has more hardwood flooring than you’re used to, then you may be facing cold floors in the morning in your bare feet. That will get old fast!

While going back to carpeting is probably not what you’re looking for, a solution must be found.

We’d suggest looking into getting a few carefully chosen floor rugs for a certain room. Make sure these aren’t areas where people will be rushing around unless you plan to stick the rugs to the floor to prevent them from slipping around. 

When you’re furnishing your home, be sure not to do too much. Overstuffing each room will make them feel smaller than they are, and that’s not your intended goal.