Home Design Struggles for New Homeowners

1000 500 Taylor Witt

Unique sticking points in home and garden design can crop up. Either they’re something that you’ve always struggled with or it’s a different thing because the home is new to you. 

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Here are 4 sticking points for the home and how we’d suggest handling them. 

Sloping Lawns or Frontage

The front or rear yard of your home could be on a slant. The sloping effect across the front lawn and driveway could be a cause for concern if you’re looking to buy the property or just to renovate it. 

There are smart ways to work around slopes that do work. Look at the drainage situation to see if it’s currently causing water to pool in the wrong places, and if so, fix it. Also, find out the grade for a serious slope or hilly parts on your property grounds because it changes what you do about it.

Different landscaping solutions are possible to take advantage of, rather than suffer from unusual sloping on the property. So, don’t despair!

A Plan for the Furniture

When the interior design for a room is not working, the culprit is usually the furniture. 

It is either too spartan and lacking certain features, or the room is overly stuffed with sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and the like. Addressing this issue and changing what’s in the room, including being willing to select different sized replacements, can solve the problem. Then the space will have the right feel to it. 

Overly Dark Interior

Some homes were never very well lit and didn’t benefit from adequate light exposure. It’s possible that the house is largely fine during daylight hours if natural light is good but suffers on overcast days and in the evenings too.

Window Decorations vs. Natural Light

Window decorations and coverings such as blinds, curtains, and other options block considerable light from reaching all parts of a room. 

Look for ways to not obstruct light sources by opening blinds and not artificially creating blockages. 

Rearranging the Furniture

Sometimes, furniture is arranged in a manner that blocks available light. This results in sections of a room being darker than others. 

By identifying any obstructions and rearranging the furniture, it’s possible to let all the light in that you can. Also, look at adding mirrors to reflect light too. 

Adding More Light Sources

When all else fails, add more lamps and overhead light sources to ensure there’s sufficient luminance in the evening and at other times. 

Color Menagerie

When a color palette isn’t selected to be used consistently throughout the home, then a mix of colors shows up when moving from room to room. Even a single room can become a colorful mess when you don’t consider the existing colors of wall paint, carpeting, furniture, and more. 

It may be necessary to rework a room one at a time to fix a color problem. Sometimes, painting the walls a hue that blends between with the various color choices already present will rectify it somewhat until a more complete solution is found. 

Not every home interior or yard exterior is perfect. Often, they need an overhaul to address specific concerns to fix the problem.