How to Design a Luxurious Guest Room on a Budget

1000 500 Taylor Witt

Having guests over to stay is super fun and it is nice to feel as though you can visit them but also host them over at your place.

The only stress involved in having guests over to stay is thinking about where to put them up for the night and how to make their stay pleasant. However, you definitely don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on this – you can quite easily design a luxurious guest room. There are so many simple ways to do this on a budget too, so you won’t have to break the bank while accommodating for guests.

black table lamp on nightstand

Here are just a few tips for property owners:

Getting a Comfortable Mattress

Getting a comfortable mattress is essential for having a luxurious guest room and this should definitely be your main priority. If you focus too much on the décor of the room but not on the comfort you provide, you’re going about it the wrong way. The décor is less important to the guests than a good night’s sleep.

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Ultimately you are aiming for your guests to sleep as peacefully as possible, so a good mattress is really important. If you need some inspiration on which mattress would be best for your guest room, take a read through this Newsweek post on the best hybrid mattresses.

Keep the Style Classy and Clean

The first step to achieving luxury in a guest bedroom is keeping everything clean and tidy and avoiding clutter where possible. Sticking to a minimalist theme is probably the easiest way to do this – since if you try and add too many decorations, it can get complex and things may start to clash. Having said this, putting a couple of paintings on the wall can be great for adding a bit of character, but nothing too over the top.

white bedspread on bed near window

You could try and color coordinate everything inside the room by matching the bed, walls, and furniture, for example. This will help make your guest room look effortlessly put together. Doing simple chores such as dusting and vacuuming will also make a huge difference. 

This doesn’t cost much money at all – just look out for items on sale in shops, and eventually, you will manage to build up enough things for the guest room to look fully furnished and great. 

Maximize the Storage Space

When you have guests over to stay, it’s nice for them to be able to put their things somewhere without having to simply put their suitcase on the floor. It will feel much more luxurious for them if they are able to hang up any nice clothes and put items away. In order for them to do this, you need to have sufficient storage space. This ideally should include a wardrobe as well as a chest of drawers and you can find these for cheap prices by looking at flea markets or in thrift shops.

Why not buy a cheap piece of furniture and do it up yourself, so that you don’t have to spend extortionate prices on something brand-new and perfectly done up? 

Don’t stress too much about your guest room, as it is likely that your guest will be someone that is so happy to see you again that they won’t be focusing too much on the small details. They will really appreciate any effort you put in to put them up, so don’t let being on a budget make you feel disheartened. Ultimately, the effort you put into the room is more important than the money you spend on it, so personalizing it a bit and adding some nice scents and pictures will go a long way.