How to Create a More Useable Outdoor Entertaining Area

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Do you have yard space that is rarely used and that you don’t really see as living space or entertaining space? Is your backyard often just an afterthought that doesn’t really change the way you enjoy your home? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it could be time to reimagine the way you see and use your outdoor space. A backyard not only gives you your very own slice of nature, but it can also provide the perfect entertainment area.

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Here are some ways you can create a more useable outdoor entertaining area and stop letting that space go to waste.

Ensure You Have Ample Seating

The first thing you’ll want to address is seating. It’s hard to entertain if there is nowhere to sit. Be sure you give thought to the ideal amount of seating when buying furniture. Ideally you want to go as big as the space and your budget will allow, as you will always find enough bodies to fill those seats when entertaining.

Shade Should be Considered

While it’s lovely to sit out in the summer sun, there are days when it will just feel too hot and be too much. This is why you also want to think about a shade element in your design. You can opt for something simple like an umbrella that fits in the center of an outdoor table, or buy an over-sized freestanding umbrella that you can move around. Then again maybe you want something more substantial such as a retractable awning installed on the house.

Address Outdoor Storage Needs

In order to ensure you have as much space available to entertain, you need to also address outdoor storage. Basically you want to be sure that all the “clutter” and items you aren’t using are out of sight and out of mind, rather than scattered around the yard. Using attractive outdoor storage not only addresses the issue of where to store items, but does so in a way that makes it feel as though it’s part of the design concept.

Some examples of attractive outdoor storage can include built-in storage structures, under deck storage, outdoor furniture that doubles as storage (lift up tops on tables, side tables with cupboards, a lift up top ottoman and so forth), and even a full outdoor kitchen complete with plenty of built-in storage.

Think About Outdoor Games and Entertainment

Now that you’ve got the perfect area for seating, you may also want to think about those more active gatherings. Backyard games and activities can be the perfect way to entertain outdoors and spend time with family and friends. 

For those who want to take things to the next level, consider installing a hot tub, or even an above-ground or in-ground pool.

Rather than let that outdoor space go to waste, why not use these tips to create a more useable outdoor entertaining area that may quickly become your new favorite spot to hang out.