4 Most Impactful Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Spring

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A lot of people focus on aesthetics when they think of home renovations, but what about making the home more functional and pleasant to live in? You can always make a house look good, but changes can also take away from its livability. This is something we often see with kitchen renovations, for instance. 

Too many people fall in love with design ideas, but don’t realize how fast the initial excitement of having a pretty room wears off when it brings frustrations. This is why you should focus on impact when making renovations and adjustments. Let’s take a look at a few impactful ways to upgrade your home this spring.

Add Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows are one of those things that you can barely notice in a home, but they can have a huge impact. They will help you reduce your energy bills by allowing you to harness solar energy and reduce energy loss. They are also great if you’re in a busy area and you need additional sound protection.

Attic Transformation

You could also transform your attic if it isn’t already. You could transform it into an extra bedroom for the children, a game room, a study, or a breakout room. It can also be a great place to build a cellar or a home office. 

Be very careful when undertaking this kind of project, however, as there are many rules and regulations you’ll have to abide by. And, if your goal is to make a good ROI on a sale, try to be sensible with your design choices, especially when it comes to things like flooring. You could go with floating floors instead of permanent hardwood floors, for instance. Using a brick veneer could also help you make the room more rugged without breaking the bank.

Get a New Mattress

Getting a new mattress might be the single most impactful purchase you could ever make. The quality of your mattress will have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your sleep will affect the quality of your health and life.

If your mattress is approaching 10 years of age, then you have to at least consider getting a new one. The good news is that mattresses are becoming cheaper by the day thanks largely to online retailers. If you want to find a good mattress on the cheap, we suggest you check out reviews for the best mattress to buy online. A good review site will have all sorts of mattresses for every type of sleeper and budget, and you should find one that will be perfect for you in no time.

Smart Additions

If you are reluctant to make your home smarter, you shouldn’t be. You don’t need to have the whole house connected to the internet and you can start with minor additions. You could get a smart doorbell with a camera, for instance, and smart lights. These are largely risk-free smart additions and you’d be surprised at how much more convenient they will make your home.

A smart doorbell is great if you receive packages often. It will allow you to see when someone is at the door from anywhere on the globe as long as you have an internet connection. 

Many of these doorbells will also have two-way speakers that will allow you to speak to anyone who’s at the door. You could even use the doorbell with your smart lights and have them signal you whenever someone is ringing the bell. This is great if you often miss people ringing at the door because of noise.

These are all upgrades and renovations you could consider if you want to make your home a better place to live in. Look at all these options and think about functionality first before making any adjustments.