16 Real Estate Blogs Every Realtor Should Read in 2020

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You worked hard to achieve your status in the real estate community, and you’re proud that you are a Realtor.

Your business education doesn’t stop there, though, and you need to keep abreast of the latest industry developments. One fast and painless way to stay on top of your ever-changing industry is to read real estate blogs, and we’ll make it easy for you. Check out our list of the best real estate blogs that you should read in 2020.


We are a MN contract for deed company that has mastered the art of difficult home financing. Our clients—many that have recent bankruptcies, foreclosures, job loss, medical bill or even tax issues—are looking for a lender that understands the bad things that happen to good people. C4D’s original and engaging articles offer wide-ranging advice from tax strategies to open house hacks.

ABODO Apartments

If you are interested in the apartment housing market, Abodo is the place to go for up to the minute rental rate information. Each month they analyze the entire national apartment rental scene, and their end-of-the-year wrap-up has been quoted in prestigious publications like The Washington Post.

Zillow Porchlight

You’ll find real estate 101 here with quality blogs about interest rate trends, equity building strategies and what’s happening in specific markets.

Keller Williams

Even if you don’t work for this company you can certainly take advantage of their extensive real estate guides and valuable suggestions. Training, branding and of course all levels of real estate marketing are discussed in detail here.

Housing Wire

If you’re looking for real estate blogs with a lot of current news, this one’s for you.  You’ll find trends, trends, and more trends on this great site.

Bigger Pockets

This is a great blog site that deals with finance from a personal point of view. Initial homebuyers will find loads of helpful information here.

Speaking of Real Estate

This is the one and only official blog from the National Association of Realtors. They get right to the point, and the clean and concise real estate blogs on this site will provide valuable education.


Check out the article “30 Million Reasons to Rethink the Real Estate Closing,” and you’ll see why Inman is an excellent resource for tech-related real estate blogs.


Redfin is the Abodo of the residential single-family home world, and you’ll find tons of stats from all over the country. Note that many of these stats are derived directly from Redfin’s significant knowledge of local markets.

Forbes Real Estate

Whether you are a buyer, a seller, and agent or just an interested third-party real estate investor, Forbes is known for presenting both a national and international view of what’s happening in real estate.

Jason Fox

Worried if your site is set up properly? Read this guy’s “5 Most Common SEO Mistakes Real Estate Companies Make,” and you’ll get some great insight into digital marketing. Check out the full site here.


Want to check out what the one-percenters are up to? This is the place to accomplish that. Sotheby’s is a legendary company with unlimited resources for fantastic real estate professionals.


Trulia has been a real estate trailblazer where, like Zillow, many property owners love to frequently check their home’s value. Their “Money Matters” section is particularly helpful if you’re concerned about your credit rating and score.


If you’re interested in meaningful stats like “2019 Cost Burden Report: Half of Renter Households Struggle with Affordability,” this is the place for you.

Better Homes and Gardens

This is a lifestyle resource site, but maybe you can send your clients to it if they’re looking for better ways to throw a party, or if they need some quality tips on staging a home for a sale.


This site will help any of your clients that are interested in purely passive income opportunities. They say up front that “we provide the knowledge, resources and turnkey investment properties YOU need to achieve financial freedom!”


This is our favorite place for in-depth quality real estate blogs with titles like:

  • How Yucky Mold Makes You Sick and Ruins Your Property
  • Building Trust in Your Brand
  • What to Expect When Closing Your First Deal
  • 6 Best Practices for Flipping Houses and Maximizing Profits
  • Want to Succeed in Real Estate? Focus on These Habits
  • The Two Things You Need, If You Want to Find Deals Online

We certainly understand that you don’t have all day to spend searching for informative and well-written real estate articles, so check out our sweet 16 can’t miss real estate blogs for a quick way to drill-down and stay informed.