11 Software Products Realtors Need in 2020

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The old days of simply meeting a prospective seller, explaining your skill at moving properties, signing the client, placing the listing on MLS and waiting for the leads and appointments to roll in are long gone.

Sure, personal client contact and superb responsiveness to client needs are paramount, but if you’re not using all of the technological tools that are available to you, someone else one certainly is, and instead of growing your business, you will watch it fade.

Whether you’re working in a corporate office or a coworking spot, check out this list of the key 2020 real estate and 3d software products you need to consider using now:


If you’re not using this, you’re somewhere in the dark ages of real estate transactions. DocuSign has been used for years and allows you to collect digital signatures. Worried about the legality of those digital signatures? DocuSign says this:

“Thanks to a federal law passed in 2000, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, and to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), electronic signatures cannot be denied legal effect (enforceability) solely because they are electronic.”

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Sure, you can find multiple real estate software methods to build your unique real estate website, but MoxiWebsites was designed for real estate professionals. There is no sense fighting with a generic GoDaddy-type website builder when there is real estate-agent specific software available.

IXACT Contact

Customer relationship management or CRM is a necessary tool that will help keep your client information organized. IXACT Contact is a real estate software that can designate prospects as hot leads, for example, and it will track the status of your client interactions. When you get a lead, just immediately enter the pertinent information into IXACT Contact and watch your level of organization rise exponentially.

WPL Platform

If you choose to use WordPress, you can use this real estate software plugin to build your site and add functionality like thorough lead capturing, up-to-date map functions and more. You also can choose from over 35 add-ons, although you may have to pay extra for these.

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The Wise Agent

There is a lot of CRM software out there, and we have alluded to some above. With The Wise Agent, you’ll get targeted real estate CRM solutions for only $29 per month, and that is after a free trial. Contact management, lead automation, transaction management, marketing and more functions are available.

Showing Time Appointment Center

Making appointments quickly and accurately and getting that information to all appropriate parties is what you do, and with the Showing Time Appointment Center, this can be accomplished seamlessly. Sarah D’Angelo (Keller Williams) says:

“If you’re not using a showing service, you’re missing out on a key piece of leverage. This technology acts as your virtual assistant so you can help more clients or spend more time with family.”

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Total Brokerage

This software is like an automated smart home app; it combines items like CRM, Lead Management, Marketing, Transaction Workflow, E-Signature, a Forms Library and even integrates with QuickBooks. This is one to absolutely check out.

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RIO Genesis Office

Get your office up to speed with this all-in-one office software platform. One user said:

“I have converted my whole office over to RIO Genesis because it is fast and easy. It has allowed me to streamline all of my checklists and processes. The online offer submission is my favorite feature because I don’t have to send out fifty different emails to agents. I can now do this with the click of a button.”


Clients want to shop for homes online before they take the time to schedule a visit. This, of course, is Real Estate 101, but in order to facilitate this, you need a way to provide virtual tours of your sellers’ properties. This is what EYESPY does:

“Upload 360 photos from any 360 camera or mobile phone and create feature-rich 360 Virtual Tours, 3D Models and Floor Plans. Take advantage of our Tour-as-a-Service solution where all you do is simply upload the 360 photos and we do the rest.”

Follow Up Boss

This is another highly useful sales software that allows real estate professionals to follow up more quickly and to subsequently convert more leads to sales. This is a stand-alone product, but it may be very useful to those that have other real estate software programs but are missing this piece.

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Brokermint claims that they are the “last real estate back office management system you will ever need.” Their site further states that “brokermint has been designed to include everything your brokerage needs to effortlessly manage, assign, track and evaluate all of your back-office tasks. From setting custom commissions to organizing documents, to allowing agents and clients to digitally sign and secure their documents.”

As you can see, many of the aforementioned programs, platforms and apps are similar. They’ll all claim that they are the most sophisticated model, and many state that if you purchase their software, you won’t need anything else in order to run your real estate business efficiently. It’s best to carefully vet each of the products you are interested in and look for verified online reviews before you make a final decision.

Utilizing 14-day free trials is another great way to see if the product really fits your needs. Finally, there are third-party vendors like Software Advice that—for no charge—will help guide you as you attempt to choose the proper real estate software product.

Now, take the next steps to grow your awesome real estate business using great software and tools available!