The Best Type of Fence for a Rural Property

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Choosing the right fence is a very important decision for any homeowner. It will affect things such as privacy and security.

Cost and maintenance is another thing you’ll have to pay special attention to. And, before you get a fence for a rural property, you have to factor in things like esthetics and what kind of weather conditions you’re dealing with. Let’s take a look at some of the best types of fences for rural properties.

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Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences tend to be popular in small urban homes where privacy is important, but they work on larger properties as well. What makes vinyl fences so great is that they can handle pretty anything you throw at them. They can survive any climate and don’t require much maintenance either. They’re very easy to clean, durable, and they also look great.


Wood is usually what people think about when they want to fence farmland. Wood is affordable and has a great natural look to it, which makes it a perfect choice if you want to indicate your property line. However, while wood looks great, it demands a lot of care, so you will need to stain it and paint it regularly if you want to expand its lifespan. When properly treated, a wooden fence can last up to 20 years.

T-Post Fences

These are the best options if you’re looking for something affordable, reliable, and convenient. What makes these so great is how easy they are to install. These can range from 4ft to 8ft. They are usually sold in sets of 5 and you can install and move them yourself. All you need is a sledgehammer and a t-post driver. 

Though they are convenient, they are not the most esthetically pleasing, and if you want something that looks nice, then wood would be a better option. But if your goal is just to mark your property boundaries, then they’re a good option to try.

Welded Wire

Welded wire fences are another very popular choice for many reasons. They come in different mesh opening sizes but are not as strong as woven wire fences. This means that they require a little bit more attention and they’re not quite as durable. They are still a good option if you want to keep livestock that doesn’t lean on the fence. 

Woven Wire Fence

If you need something a little bit sturdier, woven wire fences are a better option. These are great for their durability. They are one of the best options for livestock and are particularly great for goats. It’s also a very versatile type of fence that can handle all kinds of conditions. It’s fairly affordable and doesn’t require much maintenance, which is always a bonus when you have livestock to take care of.

These are some of the best fence types if you want to secure your rural property and land. We suggest that you speak with an expert today, so you can look at your options more in detail.