The Basic Guide to Buying a House Virtually

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The 21st century has introduced us to many different forms of technology, and it has made a huge impact on our day-to-day living.

One major form of technology that has been introduced to us is virtual reality. Over the past few years, virtual reality has become a massive form of entertainment and has made its way into real estate. Virtual real estate tours give the people a chance to view a house right from their couch. There are many benefits from buying through virtual tours, so here are some tips and a guide to help during the buying process.  

What Is A Virtual Tour?  

Virtual reality is a new form of technology that is generated through a computer software that allows consumers to view things in three-dimensional. You can see and interact with these life-like environments by wearing an electronic headset or with your computer.    

Real estate has taken advantage of this form of technology by allowing potential home buyers to view a home without being there physically. For example, if you live in Washington and are moving to Texas, you can view a home in-depth with a virtual tour instead of driving to Texas to visit it in person.    

Most agencies are providing interactive walkthroughs of houses that showcase the property. This is done by panoramic pictures that are combined and played in a sequence that will give you the feeling of walking through the property. The tour’s design provides you with a 3-D view of the location and presents it in a professional manner to spark an interest in the buyer.  

Benefits Of A Virtual Tour  

The NAR has done a recent study that showed that a majority of potential home buyers use the internet to help aid their search for their future home. Real estate has taken full advantage of using technology to help showcase their houses on the market. As the buyer, you can also benefit from these virtual tours.  

You are saving yourself time when you tour a house virtually. You can view a property straight from your laptop or smartphone, and this saves you time by not traveling to a property to only find out the inside is not as pleasing as you hoped. Virtual tours are convenient for you and can last up to only one minute. With a virtual tour, you can view a dozen different homes in minutes, where that is not likely when you visit different properties in person.  

When you are on the hunt for a home, it can potentially cost a fortune if you are traveling across states. Viewing a property virtually before visiting it in person is beneficial and cost-effective. Imagine how upset you will be if you travel far to find out that you dislike the kitchen and countertops. Virtual tours will save you the burden of traveling in a rush and will potentially save you money.  

Virtual tours can provide a realistic experience, and you can think of them as an everlasting open house. This type of technology can help you have a better connection and receive a better feel for the home before you make any decisions. You can view these homes at any given time during the day, whether you are on the road or at the office.  

Tips For Your Virtual Tour

The one downfall of the internet is that pictures and videos can be deceiving. With virtual tours, there is a possibility that realtors have altered the way you perceive the property. When you are viewing a home online, you must look for things that you do not see listed. If the virtual tour and pictures of a home are based only on the bedrooms and not the bathroom or kitchen, this is a red flag.  

With that said, when investing in a home from afar, you should request a Facetime tour with your realtor. Having your realtor do a Facetime tour will show you the house in real-time; this will allow you to see all specific parts of the home that you wish to see more of. When you are viewing a home through Facetime, this allows you to ask specific questions on the spot. You have the ability to ask your realtor to walk up on certain spots, zoom in, and even take detailed pictures.  

You will want to ensure that you are getting the best view from the inside and outside of the home. While you are Facetiming with your realtor, you can ask for him/her to step outside so you can get a closer look at your front yard, driveway, flowerbed, and even the fencing in the backyard. The exterior is just as important as the interior; you will not want to purchase a home and then find out it is a fixer upper.   

If you are going to put an offer down on a home from a distance, you should request to have it inspected beforehand. If the house is in perfect shape, then the realtor should not have a problem with this task. Remember that it is okay to be skeptical and to ask as many questions as you please.  

Ask Questions  

Asking questions is the key to you deciding to put an offer on the house. When you ask questions, you can find out things about the property that was not listed and may even lead to looking elsewhere. With that said, you should consider asking for the seller’s property disclosure statement. This statement is a legal document that a seller is required to share if they are aware of any flaws than can have a negative impact on the home’s value, such as mold infestation or paranormal activity.  

When viewing pictures of the home, look for details such as an image that is stretched out. If a picture seems to be altered in size, it typically means that they are trying to make a room appear bigger. If you come across a situation like this, ask your realtor for the property’s floor plan. It can be challenging to tell the true size of a bedroom, so the house’s floor plan can give you a better understanding of the layout and space of the home. You should gather as much information you can when purchasing a home virtually.  

Visit The Neighborhood  

There are other important aspects of your future home, such as the neighborhood. Although it is recommended to view your future neighborhood in person, sometimes that option is not available to you. Luckily, Google Street View allows you to view your neighborhood as if you were taking a walk through the block. You will be able to view the other houses in your community and see the quality of the roads.  

If you are interested in knowing your future home surroundings, Google Earth gives you the virtual advantage of viewing the nearest schools, restaurants, parks, and shopping centers near your home. If you have any children, you can research the web to see if there are sex offenders in your neighborhood.  

When purchasing a new home, wanting to view your future home in person before buying is understandable. However, virtual home tours play as a great, high-quality preview that will play a significant role in screening out any houses that you will not be interested in purchasing. Save yourself the time, money, and effort by buying through virtual tours with these tips and guide.