Homeowners Guide to Using & Installing a Central Vacuum System

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Are you a homeowner thinking to purchase the best central vacuum? If you’re looking to upgrade the cleaning of dirt and debris in your home, this is for you.

Well, after this decision you need to dive into this guide for selecting the right central vacuum for your place.

You need to realize that there are several sorts of models and each of them owns different features for fulfilling a particular need thus you need to decide according to your requirement. This article covers some of the important information which is vital for you to take in before heading right away for the purchase. 

Getting the Right Installer

Many first time homeowners just focus on finding the correct central vacuum system and in that race, they always tend to ignore the right installer. There can be a high probability that you are confused about the type of installer which will fit your need, in that case never shy away and ask your family and friends. You need to ask around with your friends who already own the right installer.

In short, never ignore the potential of referral and their recommendations in a purchase decision. There can be a high probability that you are ignoring longevity but consider this factor when purchasing the central vacuum.

There can also be the case that the referral method just never works for you. Well, in that case, you need to dig deep into the local search and find the installer online. Read several reviews before making up your mind or settling for the perfect fit. 

Home Needs

You can not purchase a central vacuum without understanding the need for your house. You need to choose a perfect installer and after that ask the company to visit your place. You need to get the assessment from the company and ask that that which installer will be perfect for your house. 

System Fit

Certain things need to get considered before getting the actual central vacuum. You, along with the installer, must be able to figure out a method of hiding the tubings. The other locations which need your attention are inlet valves and dust canister. 

System Size

The next important and vital thing is the match. Your house together with the system must have perfect coordination. Bear in mind that your installer should take the size of your house, the floors and the number of rooms in the account as one needs to ensure that the central vacuum could work at an optimal level and reach every small space. The suction also needs to get determined according to the type of house you have. You might be aware that flooring also plays a huge role in the determination of the right central vacuum as there are different ones for carpet and different ones for tiles. 


If you are questioning the maintenance cost of a central vacuum cleaner then rest assured that it is much cheaper than alternatives, as you will have to get only certain parts replaced and that too once in about ten years. Make sure you do your research when looking at this method for your newly purchased home.