Top DIY Home Improvement Projects of 2021

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Giving your house a new look should not be something that breaks the bank. Unfortunately, many homeowners start projects that seem cheap initially but end up being very expensive.

As technology and tools improve over time, renovation projects can get easier too. However, when you dive into a project yourself, you must go in with the proper preparation to get started. Here, we review the top DIY home improvement projects of 2021.

Kitchen Makeover 

gray steel 3-door refrigerator near modular kitchen

Initially, when people think about ‘renovating a kitchen’, they envision ripping out and replacing everything. While you can do that, it’s not always necessary. You can give your kitchen a facelift and makeover with minor renovations that are inexpensive yet effective.

Painting your kitchen walls and cabinets can instantly give the room a fresh, new pop. This job doesn’t cost much depending on how detailed you go. Selling your house after renovating a kitchen can add extra money to the final sale price. It almost always adds equity of some capacity to a property when revamping a kitchen.

Consider adding a new backsplash behind your sink. While this may take more effort if you are doing it yourself, it can give your kitchen a completely new feel. Especially if you have a large sink area, the backsplash sets the tone for that area of the room.

Smart Bathroom 

white ceramic bathtub

As smart devices creep more into our lives, the places that we live become ‘smarter’ too. For example, you can start by adding an Alexa speaker to your bathroom. You can listen to music, podcasts, and the news while spending time in the bathroom.

To take your bathroom to the next level, you can add a smart mirror to your bathroom! It comes with LED lights, similar to a high-quality mirror that you’d find in a 5-star hotel bathroom. Additionally, it is a smart device. You can check the weather, news, and browse the internet directly from your mirror. How easy can life get?

Similar to new cars, you can sync your phone directly with this smart device and control apps from the comfort of your vanity. You can order one of these online and install it in your bathroom yourself.

Unique Bookshelf or Library

brown wooden book shelf with books

Going in the opposite direction of ‘smart devices’, some people still really enjoy physical books. Many say they enjoy the feel of them. Others prefer them as decoration to fill a room.

You can get creative with this DIY home improvement project by creating your own bookshelf. If you do not consider yourself handy, focus on smaller and simpler designs. There is no requirement to go big here.

If you can get the basic design down of building shelves, you can go big with that and create larger bookshelves in a room. Adding a complete library or book study room to your house gives it a new, homey feeling.

Additionally, you might also consider adding a fireproof file cabinet for your important library and/or office documents.

Patio and Landscaping Alterations

brown wooden table and chairs

After 2020, everyone appreciates outdoor space more now than ever. Front and backyards are areas that you can consistently alter over time for fresh new looks. Especially since many types of plants and vegetation are seasonal, it is great motivation to switch things up.

You can start by mulching different areas, adding pavers, creating stone paths, and planting new things. With each alteration, you can create a new space that you and your family can enjoy. The sky is the limit here.

The list of what you can personally do to make your house have a new look is endless. However, making your home feel fresh and new is important. It not only makes it more enjoyable to spend time in but also adds value to your property. Consider these top DIY home improvement projects for 2021.