An Essential Checklist for New Homeowners

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You are in! You have managed your finances; you have jumped through the hoops – and now you are living in your first home

It is exciting, maybe even daunting.

Here we take you through the essentials for your new home – what you will need versus what you desire. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, what age you’re making your first purchase, what your financial situation looks like, or anything else … this checklist can be helpful as a first-time owner.

Whoever you are, here is the list of essentials you should collect.

The Cleaning Collection

As dull as it sounds, before you move to your new place, you will need cleaning products and equipment. If this is one stress too many, you could always order the following items online and have them delivered to your new home on the day you move in.

First, you will need a vacuum cleaner – preferably a high-powered device.  Before you start to place your furniture in the home, you will want to make sure you have vacuumed everywhere. Your moving team will have tracked in dirt, and you will want to make sure you start your time in your home with it looking its best. There are some great deals on CraigsList and other online sites. If you have hard floors, you might want to get a broom and dustpan instead. You will undoubtedly need a mop and bucket.

Then, you will need a variety of sponge cloths, rags and squeegees.  You will want to wash down the counters and clean the bathroom. You will struggle to keep your mirrors; shower doors and windows clean without the right tool for the job.

Finally, pick up a range of cleaning fluids and sprays for the different parts of your home. You will need bleach, oven cleaner, washing up liquid, washing powder and many more. Check out the aisle at the supermarket to get a full idea of your cleaning needs.

Furniture Items

Rented accommodation often comes with some basic furniture. However, you will want to start adding to this furniture to help you make the place your own. 

Although you will have a bed, sofa, table and chairs and other such essentials, you may be missing some of the more comfortable and stylish items that will help you feel at home. You should add to these pieces over time and not think you need to interior design the whole space from the start. Once you have the essentials and a few pieces that make the home yours, the rest can come over time.

Small beginning points could be a lovely rug, or a favorite chair – maybe even a bookcase with some of your favorite books.

If you are moving into your bought home for the first time, these little luxuries may need to wait while you acquire the essentials such as a bed and a sofa.

Bathroom Details

Like your cleaning products for the house, some bathroom items will need to be available from the moment you move in. You will be embarrassed if you are caught short without loo roll – for instance. You also need to think about small things like a shower curtain, a bathmat, a storage rack for your toilet rolls – along with a toilet roll dispenser.  

You should also remember your towels and your soap and soap dish – you will be glad of these after a dirty day moving furniture. You will eventually want to stock up and have about three towels per person – along with a few extras for your guests.

The Electrics

You will need items you didn’t even realize you needed before. The most common problem facing new home movers is a lack of extension cables, lightbulbs and cables for TVs – such as your HDMI cable. The small things that magically appeared in your parents’ home that helped you charge your phone and your laptop – are now yours to buy.

Something small like a cord organizer could be a lifesaver when you are moving in. Neatly setting up your cables from the start will save you a lot of untangling.

Finally, and when you come to relax you will be glad we mentioned it, stock up on packs of AA and AAA batteries for the remote control for your TV and satellite box.

Overall, there are a ton of things you’ll have to do when you finally get into your first home. But this is a checklist that can set you on the path to enjoyment as soon as possible in your new digs!