Hidden Secrets of the Home Selling Process in 2020

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This is often a question we ask ourselves if we need the money right away. Oftentimes we price our house too high due to the value it has for us. That is why sellers would often result in listing their house as it offers more money on the table.

Though the home selling process through listing takes a lot of time. With more work needed to be done, the longer the process, the more emotional you become. Direct selling your house would make you a considerable amount of money with fewer expenses. A local trusted buyer like United Home Offer would give you the possible offer you can have without breaking the bank.

If you have decided to go through the home selling process (even if it’s virtual) through listing, below is the guide for home selling:

Decide if You’re Looking For an Agent

The process of home selling can be tedious, stressful, and time-consuming. Deciding to have an agent is one of the first decisions you should make. Asking yourself if you would want to pay at least 3 to 6 percent of the findal price? Will the agent be able to provide all the necessary guidance and advice? Will you be able to get an agent that suits your personality? Discussing the pros and cons of seeking an agent with your friends and family will give you more inputs.

Deciding on the Final Selling Price

Deciding on competitive pricing is the first step in your marketing plan. The value of your house depends on location, condition, amenities, and warranty. Sentimental value is not one of them but it might cloud your judgment. An agent could conduct a market analysis to recommend the best price for your house. Because of the current decline in house sales, the median home in Texas is now at $247,400.

Prepare Your Marketing Plan

A listing agent should be able to ensure that your home is visible for potential buyers. Digital marketing has made selling your house to clients a lot easier in recent years. The internet, social media, and real estate websites have become suitable platforms in showcasing your house for sale. 

Before deciding an agent, you should discuss what marketing strategy he can offer. A unique and structured marketing plan will allow you to draw more potential buyers.

Preparing Your Home for a Makeover

Direct buyers should be able to buy your house without any renovations. But listing it would need you to prepare your house for your clients. First impressions count, spend time to clean, paint, and refresh your homes. A list of guidelines can also be given to you by your agent.

Open House and Showings

An agent would suggest you leave home if it is already listed. The sentimental value you have would prevent you from removing some personal items. Even though you might be the most competent person to showcase your home, it might not be a good idea. Instead of creating a welcoming environment, it may signal clients that you do not want to leave the house. An agent would be able to professionally discuss it with potential buyers

Never Hesitate to Negotiate

After days, weeks, months of waiting for potential clients, having one might make you hesitate to negotiate. But the best thing about listing your home in a listing market is that there is room for negotiation. Always remember that a reasonably priced house in a desirable location would have a lot more offers.  Avoid settling for bad offers. Let your agents list down the best offers and decide on what counter offer you would make.

Moving Out

Upon agreeing on the final selling price with the buyer, the escrow period would start. The period of finishing your documentation, scheduling for appraisal, and property inspection. To shorten this period, all documents should be prepared and most of your things are out of the house.

Prepare for a Property Appraiser

To make sure that the final selling price matches the actual value of the house, a property appraiser is called upon. Be sure to sustain the cleanliness of the house until the closing of the purchase. Cooperate with the property appraiser to avoid any complications with the sale. If a buyer backs out due to the inspection, raise this to your agent for your rights.

The Home Inspection

Pre-selling inspection is a good investment, it would address existing defects of your home. It would also shorten the listing to the closing period. A purchase agreement contingency would allow a buyer to back out. Major undeclared flows can be a reason for a buyer to back out. That is why inspection before selling gives you the benefit of addressing the defect. If all contingencies were met, remind the buyer to lift it in writing.

It’s Closing Time

As the day of the final step has come, both buyers and sellers can start relaxing. Your agent Should guide you with all the documentation, and paperwork needed to be signed during the closing meeting. During the meeting, prepare yourself for the final time you would be seeing your home. After a lot of signatures and verification done by both parties, the house is now officially sold.

Wrapping It Up

The process of home selling is tedious. It often cannot answer the question of how to sell your house fast. A lot of the processes can be shortened with proper guidance and preparations. You might be able to get your desired final selling price if you have stuck with the process. But due to the expenses, one might think that all of that work is not worth it. With United Home Offer, you can sell your house fast with fewer expenses. You might be able to get more than the final cut of your selling price.