8 Interior Design Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

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Good interior design can not only attract buyers but also boost the value of your property.

Buyers today are very savvy when it comes to their investments, so you need to be smart and knowledgeable when it comes to renovations and improvements. If you want to sell your home fast and reach a price that’s satisfying for everyone, here are a few interior design tips to keep in mind. 

Increase space

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While the size of your property definitely affects the value, the way your home feels also counts. The key to maximizing your visual space lies in natural lighting, mirrors, tidiness and furniture. Start by reimagining your window treatment, adding a few larger mirrors to the space, minimizing clutter and floating your furniture (especially storage pieces). This will make your rooms look bright and airy and open up a lot of floor space. 

Also, a modern buyer can never have too much storage, so it’s important to improve your storage space and adapt it to different uses. If you can, impress your buyers with practical under-the-stairs storage and built-in shelving. 


Pain is one of the most cost-effective home improvements, so don’t hesitate to repaint your entire interior.

A new coat of paint will make the rooms look fresh, attractive and modern and that will bring a lot of value to your property. Just remember to keep the color scheme neutral and modern, so that it attracts a large number of people. 

Give the kitchen and bathroom a makeover

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Every single upgrade to your kitchen will bring a hefty ROI. No matter if your target audience is into cooking or not, you need to make this space lux, practical and well-lit. The kitchen is used for food prep, eating, drinking and storage, so people spend a lot of time in it—it needs to be as attractive as possible. 

Besides the kitchen updates, bathroom makeovers also bring a great return on investment. And, since they are often very small, relatively cheap improvements go a long way.

If you don’t want to tackle tiles and larger fixtures, you can repaint the space, refinish surfaces, modernize lighting and update hardware and still achieve a big effect that will boost the value of your home. 

Replace soft flooring

Nothing will turn off buyers faster than shabby soft floors. If you have work out or stained carpets, area rugs and runners, make sure to replace them as soon as possible. A new, clean and modern rug will be inviting for people and encourage them to feel warm and at home in your property. So, make sure to opt for something high-quality and exclusive, especially if you go for wool or some other natural fibre.

New Zealand has amazing flooring solutions and if you search for quality rugs in NZ online you’ll find a variety of quality products that will make your home look attractive for all types of buyers. Adding just one quality rug will compensate in case you don’t have a choice but to leave the rest of your floors bare, as it can provide a whole new perspective for a potential buyer.  

Improve the master bedroom

Buyers want to see a large, comfortable and functional bedroom. So what you can do is build a spacious walk-in closet—this addition will boost the value of any home. It’s a luxury you can afford, especially if you find an affordable solution, and no buyer will be able to ignore it.

Additionally, add interest to the room with an attractive bed. If you want to add drama to the space, check out luxurious upholstered beds which will leave a big impression with their aesthetic appeal and boost the value of your property. A good focal point like a lux bed will bring a great ROI. 

Be energy-efficient

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If you want to attract well-paying Millennial buyers, you need to pay attention to eco-friendliness. While you can improve insulation and add water-saving landscaping, an easier path is to work on your energy-efficiency.

Replacing regular bulbs with LEDs, investing in a few Energy Star appliances and installing solar panels can be a very cost-effective move that will boost the value of your property and attract energy-savvy buyers. 

Improve natural lighting

Plenty of natural light will make your interior look larger, reduce energy usage and improve the mood of potential buyers, so make sure to maximize sunlight.

Custom glass windows and doors will open up space in a very effective yet non-invasive way. Investing in larger windows (especially if they offer a beautiful nature view) and better doors can be the right move for all sellers looking to raise the value of their property. However, this is not a cheap improvement, so keep that in mind. 

While not all home improvements can be recouped when it comes the time to sell, these aforementioned ones give you the best chance to achieve a good ROI and end up with a satisfying value of your property. Smart interior design will catch the eye of well-paying buyers and give you an opportunity to raise the price of your home.