4 Luxury Features to Add Value (and Fun) to Your Home

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There is a lot of focus on design and décor in the home, but what about the fun factor? If you spend a lot of time at home, or entertain in your home, then there is such a thing as wanting to make the space fun and enjoyable.

This is what adds to the overall comfort and appeal of your home. But what steps can you take to move in the direction of ‘fun’? We’ve got four features that you think about adding to your home – both indoors and outdoors – that will definitely amp up the fun factor.

The Ultimate Home Theater System

For those who love watching movies and television shows, or playing videogames, a home theater system is an absolute must.

black flat screen tv on brown wooden tv rack

You can really go to extremes with your home setup, from the equipment you invest in, including the size of the TV; the quality of the sound system and number of speakers; the furniture you choose; the lighting in the room; and even the paint color on the walls. You can get really creative with the setup so that it feels as close to a theater as possible.

Enjoy Some Golf Practice at Home

There’s no need to head to the golf course or driving range in order to have fun with your favorite sport, as you can purchase plenty of at-home golf equipment. These are the kind of items that are perfect to use on your own, or even with other members of your household or friends/family that stop by. 

white golf ball on tee stand

Wondering what the essential items are for enjoying golf practice at home? You can get a good golf mat in order to simulate the feeling of the fairway, pick up a putting green (note that some even have little sand traps, water hazards, and “hills” to create more of a challenge), and buy a hitting net. These items can be used indoors or outdoors depending on your space and preference.

Create Your Own Bar or Pub

Here’s another way you can make your home more fun, and that’s to create your very own bar or pub. This is the perfect addition for those who love entertaining, as your home will likely become the new favorite bar to visit. What’s great about setting up a home bar is that you can really go as extreme or as low key as you want. You don’t need a huge space to install a bar; it’s all about creativity.

lighted candles on brown wooden table

Some of the key features you may want to include in your bar include a bar fridge, storage for glasses and steins, as well as alcohol that doesn’t need refrigeration, a sink, counter space, and a couple of bar stools. Where things can get really fun is with the décor, as this will help to set the scene.

Add Some Large and Traditional Games to the Space

Then we have the more standard games that you’d see in an actual bar, such as billiards/pool, air hockey, table shuffleboard, and foosball to name a few. While you likely don’t have the space to add all of them, pick out one or a couple that really appeal to you and make them the focus of your entertainment space. 

If you’re more into traditional board games, you can create a dedicated table space for playing your games with seating for four to six players. Some great board games to pick up include checkers, chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Jenga. It’s always nice to have a variety on hand so there is something to appeal to everyone and all ages.

Each of these tips will help you to easily crank up the level of fun in your home.