Marketing Methods to Earn More Real Estate Clients

1000 500 Sam Radbil

If you’re trying to find the best digital marketing methods that will help you get more clients for your real estate business in 2020, look no further.

Hosting Virtual Open Houses Is A Must

With the technology available today, you can host a virtual tour of the house/condo you’re selling. The immersive 360-degree panoramic photography is what will undoubtedly bring satisfaction to potential homebuyers.

This virtual tour allows potential buyers to walk through the house/condo like they’re physically present in the house. Another tip is to create a contest. For example, any virtual tour visitor that goes through more than five rooms will enter the raffle for winning a special prize. The real estate agencies that used this method claim that the units were sold out in a matter of a few days.

Optimizing Your Facebook Page Is A Must

If we consider that Facebook has several billions of users from which most are active every day, it’s a waste of excellent opportunity if you don’t optimize your Facebook page in time. According to Marketing Agency, We Are Igloo, “utilizing Facebook page to inform potential homebuyers about the house your agency has to offer is of the utmost importance since people nowadays use Facebook search for everything, including searches for homes to buy.” This can be a huge piece of your business plan.

High-Quality And Unique Content Is Always Important

Provide potential buyers with fantastic content that will keep them engaged, and you’ll make sure that they’ll revisit your website. Along with high-quality content, you should provide your potential buyers with amazing photographs of the houses on sale. Professional photographs always catch people’s attention more than anything else. Unique content followed by amazing photos is a win-win combination that will bring fantastic results.

Become a Content Marketing Machine

Providing your clients with a blog that serves to answer all their questions is of the utmost importance since, that way, you’ll get closer to potential buyers. People have a lot of questions they wish to ask before they decide whether to come and visit the house or not. Providing them the answers they seek will be mutually beneficial.

Utilize Google Remarketing Ads

The importance of Google ads is significant, but Google offers remarketing ads as well.

These ads will help you target the specific group of people that have already performed searches like “buy a home” or “sell a home,” etc. Creating this target list of people can be done through the Google ads dashboard. Create a remarketing list based on website URLs, keywords, and buyers’ interest. Your advertising banners will easily find people who are looking to buy or sell a home.

Learn How To Advertise To Millennials

Millennial generation accounts for 34% of all real estate buyers, but it’s estimated that in the next five years, around 65% of real estate buyers will be the millennial generation. That’s why you need to focus on learning how to advertise your sales to the millennial generation. Create an authentic brand that is friendly and informative, and you’re on an excellent way to gain millennial buyers.

Forward All Potential Clients To Your Website

In case you’ve already invested a lot into your website, you should send all your social media followers and interested parties directly to your site. A fantastic site will explain all potential buyers, why should they choose your real estate company instead of many others. Adding posts on your social media pages is a free way to drive traffic towards your website. Another important fact that you must know is that social media ads aren’t as expensive as people may think. That’s the main reason why you must implement social media advertising into your marketing campaign at once.