6 Tips for Realtors to Boost Your Social Media Presence

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Real estate social media is here to stay, and true professionals need to know how to make it work for them.

Real Estate Social Media

The days are gone when Realtors could put all of their listings on MLS, send out a newsletter, hand out cards and wait for the business to roll in. The pre-2020 real estate buyer or seller uses real estate social media to find agents and properties, and you need to know how navigate that area. Following are six ways you can use real estate social media to your advantage:

Real Estate Social Media: Instagram

According to Meiggs, it’s key for Realtors to grow more Instagram followers and post photos regularly. This is important!

Real Estate instagram

New listings, sold homes, before and after pics of landscaping you suggested that improved curb appeal and resulted in a sale and even just holiday greetings will help generate buzz about you and your company. So, remember, growing your Instagram followers can be a huge help for your business.

What About Facebook?

You need to be there, your company needs to be there, and when you engineer sales you need to post that good news there also.

Real estate social media facebook

Facebook is like social media marketing 101, and you need to be fluent on this platform. Understand how to post, how to drive traffic to your pages, and how to advertise if you have the cash to do it.

Are You Using Twitter?

The current U.S. president certainly understands the power of Twitter as he can instantly reach millions of followers.

Real estate twitter

As you gain followers, your new listings can be sent as soon as you have signed the client, and that’s a lot of quick and free advertising for you.

LinkedIn is Hugely Important

You will be vetted by prospective clients, and a lot of them will search for your LinkedIn page.

If you don’t have one, your credibility will take an instant nosedive. Furthermore, your LinkedIn site—which some call Facebook for business—needs to be current and updated regularly. A stale LinkedIn page can almost be worse than not having one at all.

Be Hands-on with Real Estate Social Media

While you may not always embrace DIY, if you are able to do you own social media marketing, you can quickly disseminate information that will benefit your business. New listings, properties under contract, and completed sales can be acknowledged as they happen.

If you don’t feel comfortable managing your own social media accounts, look carefully for someone that will move quickly and handle the job efficiently.

Sending a Newsletter?

real estate newsletter

Our last tip is a bit old-school, but a monthly newsletter can provide clients and those on your mailing list with lots of great info about the local real estate market.

Newsletters are a great addition to real estate social media platforms and you will find many clients that look for your monthly newsletter with great anticipation. You can use email or snail-mail for this.

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