4 Tips that Coud Reduce Future Home Maintenance

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Staying current with the upkeep of a house is no picnic. Ideas that seem good at the time may end up being a headache to perform maintenance or general upkeep thereafter.

To have more time on the weekend to yourself and make sure you are not stuck dealing with endless home maintenance, it pays to plan. Here are 4 house upgrade tips that should reduce maintenance requirements. 

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Fix Any Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues that continue to be problematic aren’t going to go away. For instance, a leaky faucet won’t suddenly get fixed by itself and no longer stop leaking. It is likely to become worse over time. Also, it may be an indication of other problems with an older bathroom that’s poorly constructed such as bad pipes and water leaking to the floor below.

By tackling plumbing problems or getting in a certified professional plumber to do so, it can ward off potentially far worse problems down the line. Water damage can be catastrophic for home values and could make the space unlivable if a flood were to happen while you were away. 

Install Vinyl Siding

Bare exterior walls may look pretty, but they leave the brickwork exposed to the elements. This includes dirt, snow, wind, and more. The potential to have moisture get into the brickwork and create future problems is present in this scenario. 

Using vinyl siding fitted to the exterior walls of your home reduces the risks of exterior conditions cause a problem. They’re more durable and protective than the wooden siding, they handle high winds better, and don’t require painting either. It’s available in a variety of colors to match the exterior of the house too.

The maintenance is also low because the color doesn’t lose its crispness and it is easily cleaned too. Furthermore, replacement siding goes over the top of newer vinyl sidings, making its future replacement an easier installation too. 

Add Landscape Gardening

Adding some landscape gardening acts to break up a garden into small areas that are easier to manage. Not only does the lawn become a small area to deal with, but it provides distinctive areas for different plant life which cuts down on the physical pace left for a lawn

Also, when choosing plants that are durable and don’t need as much care and attention to flourish, it limits the amount of necessary gardening time on otherwise busy weekends too. 

Use Longer Life Lightbulbs

Having light bulbs die on you too frequently is a pain. Where do you keep the spare bulbs again? Is it a good time to balance on the chair to reach the light bulb to change it or should you wait until you’ve had breakfast first?

Longer-lasting eco bulbs have 3-20 times the duration of older incandescent light bulbs. This means changing a bulb won’t be necessary anywhere near as often as before. At least that’s one less thing on the honey-do list to get done. 

By strategically choosing the changes to make, it’s possible to cut back on the time spent tending to your home each weekend. Then you can finally relax more.