Here’s How Contract for Deed Will Work for You

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Juan Salazer had a great job, the perfect wife, two kids, and was ready to make the move toward homeownership. Unfortunately, some old credit issues were threatening to derail his plans. With the help of the Contract for Deed Crew, Juan was able to realize his dream, and here’s a great contract for deed example.

Early Days

Juan was always a hard worker, and he went to college in 2005. To handle his expenses and pay for school while stating a family, Juan needed student loans. Juan graduated in 2009 and during those bad economic times, he didn’t pay proper attention to his student loans and they defaulted. This became a big problem and kept Juan’s credit score in the low 600 range.

Contract for Deed: Just Try It

Still, Juan wanted to buy a home, and he found the perfect one in Mankato. It was close to Minnesota State and was in a nice area. The home was reasonable priced at $180,000 and Juan thought he had sufficient family income to easily make the required monthly payment. In addition, Juan had saved $25,000 for a down payment.

The Salazers wanted to make an offer on the home, but the listing Realtor wanted a pre-qualification letter from the bank before he would accept an offer. Juan figured this would be no big deal, but it was as those defaulted loans caused more than one bank to deny Juan’s application for pre-qualification.

Juan even figured out how to put his loans back in good standing, but the derogatory credit marks could not be removed, and Juan’s path to traditional homeownership had met a serious roadblock.

Called C4D

That’s when Juan decided that there had to be an alternative way to get his deal done. He researched MN Contract for Deed and found C4D and a great contract for deed example. Juan was thrilled that he was contacted by a C4D staff member very quickly. C4D asked the same questions as the bank, wanted to see the same income verification papers, and of course ran his credit. The difference was that C4D knew that Juan would be a good credit risk and they were willing to work out the deal that conservative banks wouldn’t touch.

How It Worked

After C4D approved Juan, they purchased the home that Juan had wanted. Then, they sold it to Juan on a contract for deed basis. Juan would make the required monthly payments and at the end of the loan term, he would own his house. Meantime, he would live there, handle all repairs, pay taxes, and do everything else a homeowner would do. It was a great day when Juan made his last payment and was presented with the deed for his dream home.

If you have similar issues like a job loss, big credit card debt, overwhelming student loans or even a prior bankruptcy, you need to contact C4D as they make home ownership a reality when others just say no. Don’t give up because a banker says it won’t happen. Juan didn’t, and he’s a homeowner today.

Buying A Home With Bad Credit

Client Testimonial: Carmelo Buys A Home With Bad Credit

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“My credit score was very low and I couldn’t find a single bank to help me get a loan for a new home. The C4D Crew worked with me to help me purchase my home and it was awesome!”

At the C4D Crew, our main goal is to help Minnesota homebuyers — specifically those struggling to obtain traditional financing — purchase their dream home. We’re very fortunate to have worked with some awesome clients who were finally able to become homeowners, so we wanted to share their experiences, told directly by them, with all of the future homeowners out there who might benefit from working with us.

This newest testimonial comes from Carmelo. He struggled with buying a home with bad credit for years and year and was unable to get financing from the banks in a traditional manner. That’s where we were able to help. We’re happy to say that Carmelo is truly enjoying the homeowner lifestyle! Here’s what he had to say:

Why did you choose to work with the C4D Crew?

Carmelo: My credit score was very low and I couldn’t find a single bank to help me get a loan for a new home. The C4D Crew worked with me to help me purchase my home with bad credit and it was awesome!

What financing issues did you have prior to working with the C4D Crew?

Carmelo: I had a poor credit score which was a huge roadblock in the way of getting financing from a traditional bank.

What impressed you about the C4D Crew? Did they help you overcome your financing issues?

Carmelo: These are just very nice people. It was great to work with a company who really, truly cared about the wellbeing of the customer and my family. We really had no issues when working to overcome my bad credit score to purchase a house for me and my family. There were no hiccups along the way, unlike when working to get more traditional financing.

What service did you get from the C4D Crew that you couldn’t find elsewhere?

Carmelo: I worked hard to find traditional financing in the past. The service I got from Taylor and his team and the C4D Crew was fantastic. Simply put, they helped me get the loan that I needed and they made it happen quickly. I’m grateful for this and for my new home. And the process was very clear to understand!

Would you recommend The C4D Crew to your family and friends?

Carmelo: Absolutely yes. Without a doubt. Taylor and his team are going to do exactly as they say. They’re going to help you a lot.

For more information on working with the C4D Crew to finance your next home in Minnesota, contact us any time and we’ll get in touch with next steps!