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April 2021

7 Smart Tips for Room Dividers

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While humans are social creatures, once in a while, we need our privacy. A wall has its benefits, and if a permanent structure cannot be raised, a room divider can be a valuable addition. 

In case you are one of those individuals who live in an open floor plan home and don’t have a bedroom or living room door, it’s easy to understand how transformative a room divider can get. 

Dividers are ideal for any living condition. No matter if it’s in studio apartments, or 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent, people all over the country are seeking such customizations.

Why use a room divider?

Apart from offering privacy and transformation, a room divider can enhance the appearance of your living room and also provide storage. Room dividers are also simple to install and can be an ideal DIY project for renters and homeowners as well. 

Before enhancing your home with a room divider, it is essential to make adjustments to spaces within so they are easily distinguishable. Apart from just offering a touch of design, it separates the areas per task to be conducted.

2021 room divider trends to lookout for

Fewer walls offer many benefits, including light, spaciousness feeling or erase, and informality. There are unlimited ideas you can use to get the best out of a room divider, depending on what you are looking to achieve at the end. 

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The following are popular trends you could use to enhance your space.

Sliding panels or sliding doors (pricy but functional)

In case you do not mind a little bit of investment, a sliding door or panel offers a more compelling sense of privacy in an open floor plan or living room. Sliding panels provide both the simplicity of a room divider and the privacy of a door. 

There are several designs you can adopt, with perhaps the most popular being the barn door design. 

A barn door divider is ideal since individuals enjoy the benefits of an actual door, with the versatility of an open living concept they desire. A good thing about sliding panels is they do not take up a lot of space since they do not swing open.

Folding screen room divider 

With a folding screen divider, you can be able to block up to 7 feet. There are several kinds of these folding screen dividers with different designs for variable tastes for privacy, aesthetics, and appeal. 

This type of divider makes it easy to customize the amount of space you wish to divide.

Open and closed shelves (artsy and sophisticated appeal)

Shelves offer much more than a distinguishing factor when it comes to dividing your room. They give you a chance to showcase your art, books, collectibles, and ideas. They also offer storage for items that would otherwise clutter your room. There are several types of shelve ideas you could use, from open to closed shelved designs.

Glass panel screen for lighting and visual separation

In case only one part of your room has a window, and you don’t have a privacy issue, try using a glass panel screen instead. Glass panel screen adds the right amount of visual separation to your living areas while still allowing plenty of light to get in.

Hanging wooden or metal panels

There are several types of panels you could use instead of a wall they are only limited to how creative you can get. Hanging panel dividers are ideal for situations where you don’t wish to block light. 

Ensure you get hanging panels that come with mounting hardware for connection to your ceiling to avoid the extra cost of installation.

Good old curtain fabric design (affordable and effective)

Perhaps the most popular and easily accessible dividers are fabric curtains. Curtains are an affordable method you could use to distinguish your rooms. They also offer flexibility when it comes to customization of length and quality. Curtains are perfect for blocking light, privacy, noise reduction, and insulation from elements.

Floating art panels (Ropes, Wiremesh, Art)

This is a creative concept and can only be limited by imagination. Perhaps the most common types include hanging ropes, wire mesh, hanging records, among others. It is essential to note that this kind of divider specifically works for aesthetic reasons and wouldn’t be ideal for; noise reduction, light blocking, and sometimes privacy.

Wooden or metal slats (ideal for sectioning)

They are ideal for individuals who feel like sectioning off their spaces into two areas while at the same time offering an open effect compared to a solid screen. Slats offer flow and a sense of easy movement from one area to another.

Tips For Room Dividers

Enhance your home for an appealing look

The perfect room setup is having all elements in one area. The following are essential DIY tips you could use to enhance your space, bringing style, décor, and a good feel to your rooms.

Choose the correct type of room divider

Before picking out a type of room divider, consider the desired style that’s most appropriate for your space. Make a final picture in your head to be able to source and get a custom-made feel. 

Also, ensure you get the proper materials that would bring the overall theme of your home to offer a finished look at the end. At this point, you would want to choose whether you wish the finished appearance to be artsy or basic with a touch of class.

Ensure the spaces are distinguishable

Part of the reason anyone gets a divider is to distinguish your space You want to distinguish your living room from your kitchenette. 

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Contrasting makes your rooms look organized, giving both you and other individuals in your house the perfect atmosphere and looks for a specific task that would help avoid distractions.

Use other elements to act as a divider

It is essential to note that your room divider may not just be a vertical element within your space, like a wall. You can get creative and use other elements such as bookshelf, bed headrest, ropes, drapes, lighting, among others. 

However, make sure that these are elements you would wish to have in your home. Additionally, try to arrange those elements in a specific way that would create some sort of distinction within your space.

Make maximum use of your room divider

A room divider offers much more than a distinguishing factor. For an added advantage, it can be used as part of a room element. 

For maximum benefit, play with the divider for increased usage value. Make sure it acts as a multi-purpose serving element.

Maximize on the decorative aspect

If possible, do not just use your room divider for utilitarian purposes as you would use a wall. A room divider can be used to add some personality to your rooms. For instance, a divider can be used to add some style and elegance. 

Explore aesthetic ideas that you could pick or, if possible, custom-make your room divider.

Conceal unnecessary elements in your spaces

A home is your sanctuary and perhaps each person’s personal space. But from time to time, other people, including close family and friends, often get limited access to your space for different reasons. 

If you live in a situation where you need a divider to distinguish spaces, you’ll at least want a section of your home not exposed at first sight. You will want to conceal a specific area within your house, just for yourself and a partner. A Room divider can come pretty handily in such situations.

Get an artsy appeal out of your set-up

As stated, a room divider can be used for added advantage in case you can’t invest in a wall. Your spaces reflect your personality. 

While room dividers can offer a distinguishing factor within your house, they can also be used to showcase your ideas, book collections, and art pieces. If cleverly used, they can act as art pieces themselves within your spaces.

Bottom line – before you begin your project

Constructing a wall in a room could cost anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000. However, walling is perhaps the most effective and permanent option when it comes to distinguishing your house. 

Not everyone has a flexible budget (we are thinking of you, renters, and DIY-ers), and especially if you are searching for “interior customization concepts for renovated 1 bedroom apartments near me.” Therefore, whether you are saving up for a natural wall or trying to be creative, a room divider could offer the satisfaction you need.

In case you are not sure what room divider design works for you, and you are not looking to start a DIY project, consult a professional to get the best insights for your living spaces.

Should You Rent or Buy a Property in 2021?

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The cultural pressure to buy a property should not be underestimated. Getting a mortgage is often deeply ingrained in your psyche, and it is also viewed as the only way for you to truly become a homeowner. This is not the case at all because there are some advantages to renting over buying. If you want to find out more about them, then the only thing that you need to do is look below.

Bird's Eye View of Three Houses

Advantages to Renting

Tenancies can easily be as short as six months. You can move after this time if you find that your accommodation just isn’t working for you. Of course, if you can give the notice to vacate, then this will give you more flexibility and it will also help you to completely uproot your life if that is what you want. Moving out of a rental property can be much faster when compared to selling a property as well. On top of this, you will have fewer fees to pay and this can be useful if you are in a relationship, but it breaks down. Renting can be a very good way for you to test out the waters if you are involved in a romantic relationship.

You don’t have the worry about the expense of maintenance, and you are not responsible for things that may break down, items such as the heating boiler, the plumbing and electrics. This will give you much more financial security and it will also help you to enjoy the finer things in life. If you rent a furnished property then this will include the white goods and the furniture, as it will all be included. Remember you can take out a condo insurance quote in advance as well, so you know how much it will cost you to get all of your goods covered.

Advantages to Purchasing a House

If you are planning for your future in the long-term, and you have the money then homeownership is certainly a smart move. Playing around with a calculator shows that it makes financial sense as well. Even though you will need to pay fees to get your mortgage, you have to know that this still puts you in a strong financial position. You probably won’t have to pay things such as stamp duty and you won’t have to worry about losing out in the long-term because every payment you make will put you a step closer to being able to own your own property.

Saving for a House Deposit

It takes on average, 10 years for someone to raise a house deposit. Studies have also shown that someone who lives in a big city, such as London, may well need to save up over 15 years.  It’s very difficult for people to get on the property ladder for the first time and even if you were able to save up a small deposit, a lot of lenders will want you to have more.

There are more and more 5% mortgages creeping up on the market overall but if you do want to be in a strong financial position then you may want to try and put down more if you possibly can. The main reason for this is because it will give you a much lower interest rate on your loan and this will work in your favor overall.

When you have saved up for your loan, you then need to think about the hidden costs that are associated with your mortgage. This can include the mortgage fees as well as your solicitor fees too. When you have moved in, you will need to spend a good amount of money furnishing your property and you will need to maintain it. If you have roof tiles that are falling off or if you have a broken boiler then this will all add up when it comes to your expenses overall. You also need to think about interest rates, because if this does go up, then you’ll be paying way more in the long run.

Getting A Mortgage with No Deposit

If you are renting right now, then it may be possible for you to get a mortgage without a deposit. You won’t need to worry about waiting to save up or anything else of the sort. If you do take out a 100% mortgage however then this can put you in a very bad situation. You may find that you end up falling into negative equity because you are not able to get the right amount of money for your house when you sell, and you may also find that you are limited when it comes to your profit overall.

4 Stylish Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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The kitchen is the most visited room in your house. So you want it to be as stylish and classy as possible. Besides the kitchen appliances, a charming kitchen setting is of extreme importance. Also, small kitchen space or limited square footage for your house shouldn’t inhibit your potential kitchen stylish design. 

We all know how hard it is to make a small kitchen look modish and feel grand. Well-thought kitchen ideas can also improve your house’s resale value. Local home buyers will be chomping at the bit to make you an offer because of how incredible your house turned out. A kitchen can complete a home! Whether you’re out for some inspiration or you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, here are the top four ideas to help you maintain a stylish kitchen.

Visual Lighting On Your Kitchen’s Cabinets

In modern kitchens, visual spacing is a crucial feature. You can choose to use suspended metal frames as shelves with some illuminated glass cases for the upper top raw. This can prove to be an innovative idea of escaping the dull upper layer of your kitchen cabinets arrangement. Adding illumination to glass cases is practical and brings a beautiful luxurious vibe to the whole arrangement. More importantly, this idea is excellent in adding a delicate touch to the kitchen’s space.

brown wooden table with chairs

Add Task and Statement Lighting

A well-lit kitchen is like a paradise. You can install some scones over the sink and countertop areas. Not only will these scones brighten up space, but they will bring a shiny and classy feel. Also, installing adequate statement light is paramount to increase the space of your kitchen visually. You can also complement this with an olive green pain and shiny metals.

gray steel 3-door refrigerator near modular kitchen

Input Some Green Flower Plant

Plant are adorable, and they will make everyone forget about the space of the kitchen. Place these plants where you can easily illuminate them. To brighten up the area near your fridge, keep a plant on it.

Also, bear in mind that fun and colorful runners are no longer made for narrow and long kitchens. You can choose to mix materials like the matte black tiles with white marble backsplash to bring out a cool unexpected contrast.

Mirror the Walls and Store Everything Strategically

Do you want your small kitchen to feel larger? Mirror your kitchen’s walls and store everything in its place. Mirrors bring that sweeping view and make you feel as if you have an extra space in the room. With this view, no one will even remember to think of extra space.

white and black kitchen counter

Are you adding shelves for extra storage in your kitchen? Do not want them to remain cluttered. Keep everything in its place. To bring that cohesive look, you can choose to arrange mugs and bowls by their color. Slide everything that’s bulky into the drawers or cabinets. This will make your space look larger, sleek, and streamlined. You can also choose to go monochrome to bring a jewel box’s feeling.

Bottom line

Making your kitchen feel classy and stylish doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg. You can always go with the modern DIY features with minimal settings. This is why it is always recommended to look through currently trending kitchen ideas to make the right choices. Kitchen lighting, arrangements, and mirrors are some of the kitchen ideas that will always top this list.

Home Design Struggles for New Homeowners

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Unique sticking points in home and garden design can crop up. Either they’re something that you’ve always struggled with or it’s a different thing because the home is new to you. 

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Here are 4 sticking points for the home and how we’d suggest handling them. 

Sloping Lawns or Frontage

The front or rear yard of your home could be on a slant. The sloping effect across the front lawn and driveway could be a cause for concern if you’re looking to buy the property or just to renovate it. 

There are smart ways to work around slopes that do work. Look at the drainage situation to see if it’s currently causing water to pool in the wrong places, and if so, fix it. Also, find out the grade for a serious slope or hilly parts on your property grounds because it changes what you do about it.

Different landscaping solutions are possible to take advantage of, rather than suffer from unusual sloping on the property. So, don’t despair!

A Plan for the Furniture

When the interior design for a room is not working, the culprit is usually the furniture. 

It is either too spartan and lacking certain features, or the room is overly stuffed with sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and the like. Addressing this issue and changing what’s in the room, including being willing to select different sized replacements, can solve the problem. Then the space will have the right feel to it. 

Overly Dark Interior

Some homes were never very well lit and didn’t benefit from adequate light exposure. It’s possible that the house is largely fine during daylight hours if natural light is good but suffers on overcast days and in the evenings too.

Window Decorations vs. Natural Light

Window decorations and coverings such as blinds, curtains, and other options block considerable light from reaching all parts of a room. 

Look for ways to not obstruct light sources by opening blinds and not artificially creating blockages. 

Rearranging the Furniture

Sometimes, furniture is arranged in a manner that blocks available light. This results in sections of a room being darker than others. 

By identifying any obstructions and rearranging the furniture, it’s possible to let all the light in that you can. Also, look at adding mirrors to reflect light too. 

Adding More Light Sources

When all else fails, add more lamps and overhead light sources to ensure there’s sufficient luminance in the evening and at other times. 

Color Menagerie

When a color palette isn’t selected to be used consistently throughout the home, then a mix of colors shows up when moving from room to room. Even a single room can become a colorful mess when you don’t consider the existing colors of wall paint, carpeting, furniture, and more. 

It may be necessary to rework a room one at a time to fix a color problem. Sometimes, painting the walls a hue that blends between with the various color choices already present will rectify it somewhat until a more complete solution is found. 

Not every home interior or yard exterior is perfect. Often, they need an overhaul to address specific concerns to fix the problem.