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Top DIY Home Improvement Projects of 2021

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Giving your house a new look should not be something that breaks the bank. Unfortunately, many homeowners start projects that seem cheap initially but end up being very expensive.

As technology and tools improve over time, renovation projects can get easier too. However, when you dive into a project yourself, you must go in with the proper preparation to get started. Here, we review the top DIY home improvement projects of 2021.

Kitchen Makeover 

gray steel 3-door refrigerator near modular kitchen

Initially, when people think about ‘renovating a kitchen’, they envision ripping out and replacing everything. While you can do that, it’s not always necessary. You can give your kitchen a facelift and makeover with minor renovations that are inexpensive yet effective.

Painting your kitchen walls and cabinets can instantly give the room a fresh, new pop. This job doesn’t cost much depending on how detailed you go. Selling your house after renovating a kitchen can add extra money to the final sale price. It almost always adds equity of some capacity to a property when revamping a kitchen.

Consider adding a new backsplash behind your sink. While this may take more effort if you are doing it yourself, it can give your kitchen a completely new feel. Especially if you have a large sink area, the backsplash sets the tone for that area of the room.

Smart Bathroom 

white ceramic bathtub

As smart devices creep more into our lives, the places that we live become ‘smarter’ too. For example, you can start by adding an Alexa speaker to your bathroom. You can listen to music, podcasts, and the news while spending time in the bathroom.

To take your bathroom to the next level, you can add a smart mirror to your bathroom! It comes with LED lights, similar to a high-quality mirror that you’d find in a 5-star hotel bathroom. Additionally, it is a smart device. You can check the weather, news, and browse the internet directly from your mirror. How easy can life get?

Similar to new cars, you can sync your phone directly with this smart device and control apps from the comfort of your vanity. You can order one of these online and install it in your bathroom yourself.

Unique Bookshelf or Library

brown wooden book shelf with books

Going in the opposite direction of ‘smart devices’, some people still really enjoy physical books. Many say they enjoy the feel of them. Others prefer them as decoration to fill a room.

You can get creative with this DIY home improvement project by creating your own bookshelf. If you do not consider yourself handy, focus on smaller and simpler designs. There is no requirement to go big here.

If you can get the basic design down of building shelves, you can go big with that and create larger bookshelves in a room. Adding a complete library or book study room to your house gives it a new, homey feeling.

Additionally, you might also consider adding a fireproof file cabinet for your important library and/or office documents.

Patio and Landscaping Alterations

brown wooden table and chairs

After 2020, everyone appreciates outdoor space more now than ever. Front and backyards are areas that you can consistently alter over time for fresh new looks. Especially since many types of plants and vegetation are seasonal, it is great motivation to switch things up.

You can start by mulching different areas, adding pavers, creating stone paths, and planting new things. With each alteration, you can create a new space that you and your family can enjoy. The sky is the limit here.

The list of what you can personally do to make your house have a new look is endless. However, making your home feel fresh and new is important. It not only makes it more enjoyable to spend time in but also adds value to your property. Consider these top DIY home improvement projects for 2021.

Key Tips to Fix Foundation Cracks at Home

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As you were conducting your annual home inspection and cleaning, you notice a few cracks in your home’s foundations. You’re sure that these are fairly new as you never saw these during your previous inspections.

Now, you are worried about your family’s safety (and the projected expense of fixing this issue.)

Before finding out how to fix cracks in your foundation, it is worthwhile to tackle a few issues first, allowing you to make an informed decision.

What causes foundation cracks?

Foundation cracks can happen even in homes that are well-built and maintained properly. The key here is identifying potential causes and knowing exactly how to repair foundation cracks.

Cracks in your foundations can occur due to a variety of reasons. Among the leading causes of this problem are:

  • Earthquakes
  • Poor construction quality
  • Frequent temperature changes
  • Soil quality (too loose, too wet, or too dry)
  • Poor drainage
  • Flooding

Among these possible causes of foundation cracks, flooding is the most common.

Types of cracks in your foundation

Cracks in your foundation can be broadly classified into three types:


This type of foundation crack is the most common type of foundation crack, occurring in most houses.

In some cases, the damage is fairly minimal and cosmetic in nature. However, you should watch out for other symptoms like bowing walls and sloping floors, indicating a larger problem at hand.


Shrinkage foundation cracks are commonly found in homes that have been built using poured concrete.


Changes in the soil or water pressure can lead to horizontal cracks.

Active vs. passive cracks

Foundation cracks can also be classified either as active or passive.

Active cracks in your foundations refer to cracks that actively change over time. The severity of the foundation cracks can vary due to ground movements or weather conditions.

Passive cracks, on the other hand, are relatively stable foundation cracks, rarely changing in severity. More often than not, the cracks stop expanding once the home has stabilized, typically during the first two years after construction.

Repairing a foundation crack

When you are planning to repair the cracks in your foundation, there is one important thing that you need to decide upon: fix the cracks from the inside or outside.

There is no consensus on which approach is better. However, some experts tend to recommend fixing foundation cracks from the outside because the effects are long-lasting. On the other hand, fixing foundation cracks from the inside is often seen as a temporary solution.

Small passive foundation cracks can be repaired from the inside. However, if the cracks in the foundation are active, the better option would be to fix these from the outside.

Common materials used for fixing foundation cracks

Epoxy and polyurethane are two of the most common materials used in repairing cracks in the foundation. Here’s a brief look at each.


Epoxy or epoxy resins refer to a type of glue used to fix cracks in a home’s foundation. The material acts as glue and prevents further movement in the cracks by filling the space.

If your home is still moving, an epoxy might not be able to prevent the formation of new cracks.

The main advantage of using epoxy is that the material doesn’t change the look of the foundation or your home. Ideally, it should be used when fixing the cracks of a foundation from the inside.

Another benefit of using epoxy is that it does not require excavation around the site. This means that you do not need to use heavy machinery in repairing cracks.


Polyurethane is a type of sealant known for its high resistance, strength, and durability. It can even withstand a high amount of movement.

Polyurethane is hydrophilic. This means that the material reacts to moisture, making it ideal for repairing cracks caused by water. This is because polyurethane forms a strong bond that creates a waterproof coat.

Polyurethane is applied to cracks in the foundation through injection using a hydraulic pump. The use of a hydraulic pump enables the material to fill the deepest surface of a crack.

However, polyurethane can only be used for smaller cracks. For example, if the crack measures more than an eighth of an inch, sealing might not be the best option.

Repairing cracks using the injection technique

Should you decide to repair the cracks using the injection technique, you will need a few tools and products.

These include:

  • Hydraulic pump
  • Polyurethane
  • Bristle brush
  • Shovel
  • Drill
  • Clamps
  • Waterproofing membrane

The repair starts by excavating around the foundation, either manually or through the use of machines.

Once the area has been excavated, the debris must be removed. Afterward, holes are drilled at a 45-degree angle. This will facilitate the quick injection of polyurethane.

After the polyurethane has been injected, the inside of the crack needs to be cleaned with water. The water also helps bring up the level of humidity in the foundation.

In some instances, clamps or steel plates need to be used. Finally, you will need to apply a waterproofing membrane to seal water out.

Not all cracks need immediate action

Although most cracks are unsightly, not everything requires immediate attention or action. You can simply leave these untreated without cause for worry.

For example, cracks in brick foundation walls often happen when the bricks are applied directly to the foundation. In addition, the bricks often expand during the summer as the temperature rises.

Cracks found on windows and doors are often seen as a sign of settlement, especially when these are found in relief joints. Usually, these cracks happen due to fluctuations in the temperature. The use of a dehumidifier can remedy this problem.

Hairline cracks on the floor are rarely a cause for concern, especially cracks that are smaller than half an inch.

As for foundation cracks, active monitoring is essential as these can lead to structural issues in your home.

At the first sign of a vertical or horizontal crack in the foundation, consult a qualified professional for the best course of action. 

4 Innovative Backyard Renovation Ideas

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Whether you’re having a family retreat soon, you’re hosting an outdoor party, or simply want to make your life a lot easier, making an effort to improve your backyard can make you more comfortable, happier, and more satisfied with yourself.

white outdoor pool near green trees during sunset

Like many other home projects, unfortunately, backyard renovation isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. To help you get off to a flying start, here’re the top four renovation ideas to consider:

Create a Beautiful Garden Path

If your backyard looks untamed or rugged, you can make it appear more polished by creating a meandering path. Ideally, you want to end up with a balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Your neighbors will start taking notice as your garden path comes to life. You may even have local home buyers reaching out to you with offers to purchase your property. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, here is how to create this beautiful path.

The first thing you need to do is plot your path with stakes to create the desired shape and width of your path. Next, lay down the materials. You should look for materials that blend with the overall style of your home, including the surrounding structures and your home’s wall materials.

The easiest materials to use are quarter-inch crushed rocks, as they are available in different colors. If you decide to use crushed rocks, use a plate compactor to flatten the surface after laying them down.

Improve Your Backyard Lighting

Installing the right backyard lighting can transform any bleak backyard into a paradise at night. Lighting your backyard is also the best way to accentuate your garden features, improve navigation and deter intruders. Although the type of lighting you choose to use will mainly depend on the nature of your backyard and your goal, you should highly consider having path lights, string lights, and outdoor wall lights.

For your paths, look for path lighting solar LED options that comprise a decorative bulb casing attached to a stake that you can drive into the ground.

Conversely, you should hang string lights around areas where there’s more activity, such as an outdoor kitchen, gazebo, or an outdoor pavilion. You’ll enjoy the warm and vibrant ambiance that they evoke at night.

Last but not least, get a moderately bright set of outdoor wall lighting to illuminate any small, dark, or recessed zones in your yard. You can mount the lights on any nearby vertical surfaces, such as above the stairways and your pergola’s interior.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The walls of your home and other outdoor structures are a significant part of your yard, so you cannot ignore them. If they look unpleasantly rusty, then you should consider adding a coat of paint that matches your backyard’s theme or feel. For instance, if you have a garden, you can look for a “natural” shade that compliments it. A neutral shade like beige or taupe often blends well with most backyard features, such as honey-hued fences or stone paths.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If you want your backyard to be a nice extension of your house, you should consider installing a backyard kitchen. With it, you’ll be able to cook up dinner while enjoying the outdoors. You can even get a professional contractor to come up with a structure that suits your unique needs. They can come up with something simple or extravagant depending on how much room you have and how much you’re willing to spend. Whatever you choose to have, just remember to incorporate some cupboard space, a barbeque, and enough water faucets.

Regardless of the direction you decide to take your backyard, the bottom line is that it is very important. You can create amazing memories with your family there or simply relax. Let your creative juices flow when considering renovating your backyard

2021 Trendy Living Room Layouts

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Living in a time when working, relaxing and learning have all converged at home, living rooms have become much more important than ever before. As such, it calls for a more friendly environment, a look that spices up the mood, and more living spaces to relax.

The creativity in living layouts has soared over the years with an endless list of choices and options to pick. However, trends 2021 may not necessarily remain the same next year, it is rare for a layout to stand the test of time since new ideas emerge every day.

Interior design is one of the most competitive industries ever. Staying on top requires a solid idea and massive effort to put together a nice layout to beat the competition or at least trend.

white wooden coffee table near white sofa

With the living room being the central place and most trafficked, a state of the art entertainment equipment is just part of the trending designs.

Many designers have offered their thoughts on the most trending layouts and what to expect in 20221 after witnessing the past year marked with people restricting to their homes and working remotely. 

The pandemic has ushered new living room ideas to calm people down and give them a taste of style during such difficult times. 

Living room decor, furniture, home textiles, and accessories are updated every year. Therefore, the desire to stay up to trends stirs curiosity to try new things every day.

The living room is a gathering place with friends, family members, and even now that we’re all restricted our homes suddenly have home offices that make it ideal to have some special equipment. A must-have to say the least.

Whether living in a traditional home or mobile homes, decor trends still have their way of making the place stylish and modern. Home decor ranges in the budget, so you shouldn’t be worried about the cost of making it over your living room. 

It’s the same way modern mobile homes for sale give you value while living on a budget compared to traditional homes. 

Therefore, you may want to search for modern mobile homes for sale around you to cut down on the stress of buying a traditional home if you don’t have the right budget for the same.

We all expect trends 2021 will hit up and outshine the past year with new exciting ideas coming forth.

Now let’s break down some of the 2021 living room trends that you should consider.

2021 Living Room Trends

Here are some of the living room trends layout in 2021:

  • Furniture with Curves Replacing Angular Pieces 
  • Multi-use Furniture 
  • The travel-inspired decor is gaining traction in homes
  • More of Natural Elements is also on The Trend
  • Warm Colors Making Statement
  • All Comfortable Everything
  • Lots of Layers is Expected
  • Statement Gallery Making Waves

Furniture with Curves Replacing Angular Pieces

The most common boxy type of furniture in 2021 is going to fade away, or rather face some competition. Sofas with curves are on-trend and offer the house a unique taste and warm feeling. Interior designer KD Reid While speaking with the Insider said that curvy furniture will be trending in 2021.

“No more boxy furniture, we’ll see more furniture with curves and rounded edges that add coziness to an interior,” he said.

white and blue floral throw pillows on white couch

To add on top, adding a circular throw pillow and curved end tables will bring style even in a bigger manner. Curved sofas have become central furnishing design elements in 2021. When curved furniture is in the picture, it can be traced back as far as the 1950s when it made its big appearance.

But somehow they made a comeback last year, and have been so popular, trending all over with some unique sets arranged in a pure state of the art.

One thing for sure is curved furniture and other elements in the room demand space and attention. The style has inspired many designers to put their skills to the test. 

For example, a Swedish designer Jonas Wagell is inspired by curvy Mid-Century designs. The Mid-Century design has been the inspiration for many in the interior design industry.

Furniture fabrics vary, based on your taste you can pick what fits well in your house. The variety of fabrics gives you the freedom to choose without worrying about the fear of missing out on what will match your dream living room layout.

Multi-use Furniture

One thing we all can’t deny is the fact that we’ve been confined to our homes for the better part of the last year or so. Not everyone was prepared for such to happen at least not to the extent of working from home. 

brown wooden chair near brown wooden table

In fact, most companies were just doping pilot tests of working from home all over the world before the pandemic hit.

Now how does all that relate to these trends? Well, very few people have a home office, the majority often spend extra hours in the office in case of plenty of work to be done before heading to their homes. Everyone working from home has created a shortage of spaces.

This gave rise to multi-purpose furniture that changes function in no time. Also, it is one way to save on space in a congested room especially now that all family members seem to be hanging around. 

For example, sofa beds have become so popular lately as they can both be used for the normal sitting arrangement and at night turned into a bed.

The travel-inspired decor is gaining traction in homes

While the pandemic has brought about being confined to our homes, one notable thing that has emerged and quickly gaining traction is the travel-inspired decor in homes across the globe. 

“We’re seeing people use their deferred travel dreams as inspiration for their interiors,” says Farah Merhi, a professional interior designer and founder of Inspire Me, while speaking to Insider. “Artwork, patterns, and colors from other regions are big right now.”

The travel inspiration has been on trend for quite some time now, giving living rooms a breath of new life of travel dream artistic. 

More of Natural Elements is also on The Trend

Natural materials can be incorporated into a room in so many ways to create a seamless style. It can be in the form of wicker, rattan, and grasscloth-wrapped pieces. 

While we yearn for more time outside during this time of the pandemic, the ability to bring the outside inside with palettes from nature can be so satisfying and calming in a way.

“Finding ways to bring in more natural light and layers of different types of light within a space can really transform a room,” says Saudah Saleem, founder of an award-winning interior design firm.

Besides, Plastics and synthetics may be replaced by natural fibers and textiles this year. 

Natural materials have a way of creating a unique taste in a room and adding value to the house generally. For example, doing a wooden floor will for sure increase the value of your house without a doubt.

Warm Colors Making Statement

Colors play a huge role in interior design, it’s like the Romeo and Juliet of interior design, they offer the final touch in bringing a living room into life. Across the globe, people have been creative with using different color schemes to paint walls into a state of the art.

Think of those pillow covers and throw blankets, how about giving them a warm color?

“We started to see tones appear in 2020, and I think our living rooms will embrace warm tones full-on in 2021,” says Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski, a Toronto-Based interior designer.

“I think we will see a lot less grays and neutrals,” she says. “People want to inject their personality into their space.”

All Comfortable Everything

“I think living rooms will have a major focus on comfort, filled with soft edges, comfy textiles, organic prints, and earthy neutrals,” says designer Kerra Michele Huerta, an award-winning Washington DC Interior Designer. “Living rooms are where we all go to relax and unwind, and with all the stress of 2020, I think our senses will need some extra TLC next year.”

She continues to list types of cushy pieces that will become commonplace in 2021 such as sculptural cloud sofas, oversized ergonomic chaises, furry upholstery, and even elevated bean bags.

In 2021 people want more living space to relax with their family since they have little to do while at home under a pandemic.

Lots of Layers is Expected

You may want to design your dream vignette by placing a few sculptural trinkets atop a stack of books or layering two leaning pieces of framed artwork on a living room shelving unit.

Besides, layering rugs can be essential to add dimension to space and also a way to protect your floor in the process.

“Minimalism is always nice, but having a heavily layered, styled coffee table, console table, mantle, or chest feels full and lovely,” says Elizabeth Stamos, an interior designer, “It’s an Instagram moment at every turn!”

Statement Gallery Making Waves

While the gallery on the walls may allow you to work on a lot of pieces in your living room, you shouldn’t discount the power of one big painting or canvas on your wall, it can have a stunning visual interest than the former. As they often say, sometimes “less is more” and that is reflective of one big painting and what it does.

“Everything from vintage posters to large-scale abstracts or drawings will be used to personalize our spaces,” says Saudah Saleem, an interior designer.

Pure work of art on the walls often spices up the room. Finding the right balance of colors on the walls and the kind of gallery can be satisfying in a way. The least your walls deserve is some good painting, but if you can go higher, finding a perfect canvas would make a huge difference.

To Sum Up

Trends for 2021 has seen some of the most exciting living room trends. People are thinking outside the box to bring ideas into life while living under unprecedented times in the history of beings. 

Trends 2021 in the living room style haven’t disappointed so far, we can agree on that. Natural materials being at the center stage among other stylish trends in 2021 is just the tip of the iceberg

The living room design trends 2021 will continue to boom as the year matures and most probably the coming year will even be more exciting as far as design is concerned. 

Ideas come and go, style doesn’t last that long, by the end of the years, we’ll see what will still be on the trend and what new has made its way to the industry where creativity is endless.

4 Stylish Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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The kitchen is the most visited room in your house. So you want it to be as stylish and classy as possible. Besides the kitchen appliances, a charming kitchen setting is of extreme importance. Also, small kitchen space or limited square footage for your house shouldn’t inhibit your potential kitchen stylish design. 

We all know how hard it is to make a small kitchen look modish and feel grand. Well-thought kitchen ideas can also improve your house’s resale value. Local home buyers will be chomping at the bit to make you an offer because of how incredible your house turned out. A kitchen can complete a home! Whether you’re out for some inspiration or you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, here are the top four ideas to help you maintain a stylish kitchen.

Visual Lighting On Your Kitchen’s Cabinets

In modern kitchens, visual spacing is a crucial feature. You can choose to use suspended metal frames as shelves with some illuminated glass cases for the upper top raw. This can prove to be an innovative idea of escaping the dull upper layer of your kitchen cabinets arrangement. Adding illumination to glass cases is practical and brings a beautiful luxurious vibe to the whole arrangement. More importantly, this idea is excellent in adding a delicate touch to the kitchen’s space.

brown wooden table with chairs

Add Task and Statement Lighting

A well-lit kitchen is like a paradise. You can install some scones over the sink and countertop areas. Not only will these scones brighten up space, but they will bring a shiny and classy feel. Also, installing adequate statement light is paramount to increase the space of your kitchen visually. You can also complement this with an olive green pain and shiny metals.

gray steel 3-door refrigerator near modular kitchen

Input Some Green Flower Plant

Plant are adorable, and they will make everyone forget about the space of the kitchen. Place these plants where you can easily illuminate them. To brighten up the area near your fridge, keep a plant on it.

Also, bear in mind that fun and colorful runners are no longer made for narrow and long kitchens. You can choose to mix materials like the matte black tiles with white marble backsplash to bring out a cool unexpected contrast.

Mirror the Walls and Store Everything Strategically

Do you want your small kitchen to feel larger? Mirror your kitchen’s walls and store everything in its place. Mirrors bring that sweeping view and make you feel as if you have an extra space in the room. With this view, no one will even remember to think of extra space.

white and black kitchen counter

Are you adding shelves for extra storage in your kitchen? Do not want them to remain cluttered. Keep everything in its place. To bring that cohesive look, you can choose to arrange mugs and bowls by their color. Slide everything that’s bulky into the drawers or cabinets. This will make your space look larger, sleek, and streamlined. You can also choose to go monochrome to bring a jewel box’s feeling.

Bottom line

Making your kitchen feel classy and stylish doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg. You can always go with the modern DIY features with minimal settings. This is why it is always recommended to look through currently trending kitchen ideas to make the right choices. Kitchen lighting, arrangements, and mirrors are some of the kitchen ideas that will always top this list.

Home Design Struggles for New Homeowners

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Unique sticking points in home and garden design can crop up. Either they’re something that you’ve always struggled with or it’s a different thing because the home is new to you. 

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Here are 4 sticking points for the home and how we’d suggest handling them. 

Sloping Lawns or Frontage

The front or rear yard of your home could be on a slant. The sloping effect across the front lawn and driveway could be a cause for concern if you’re looking to buy the property or just to renovate it. 

There are smart ways to work around slopes that do work. Look at the drainage situation to see if it’s currently causing water to pool in the wrong places, and if so, fix it. Also, find out the grade for a serious slope or hilly parts on your property grounds because it changes what you do about it.

Different landscaping solutions are possible to take advantage of, rather than suffer from unusual sloping on the property. So, don’t despair!

A Plan for the Furniture

When the interior design for a room is not working, the culprit is usually the furniture. 

It is either too spartan and lacking certain features, or the room is overly stuffed with sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and the like. Addressing this issue and changing what’s in the room, including being willing to select different sized replacements, can solve the problem. Then the space will have the right feel to it. 

Overly Dark Interior

Some homes were never very well lit and didn’t benefit from adequate light exposure. It’s possible that the house is largely fine during daylight hours if natural light is good but suffers on overcast days and in the evenings too.

Window Decorations vs. Natural Light

Window decorations and coverings such as blinds, curtains, and other options block considerable light from reaching all parts of a room. 

Look for ways to not obstruct light sources by opening blinds and not artificially creating blockages. 

Rearranging the Furniture

Sometimes, furniture is arranged in a manner that blocks available light. This results in sections of a room being darker than others. 

By identifying any obstructions and rearranging the furniture, it’s possible to let all the light in that you can. Also, look at adding mirrors to reflect light too. 

Adding More Light Sources

When all else fails, add more lamps and overhead light sources to ensure there’s sufficient luminance in the evening and at other times. 

Color Menagerie

When a color palette isn’t selected to be used consistently throughout the home, then a mix of colors shows up when moving from room to room. Even a single room can become a colorful mess when you don’t consider the existing colors of wall paint, carpeting, furniture, and more. 

It may be necessary to rework a room one at a time to fix a color problem. Sometimes, painting the walls a hue that blends between with the various color choices already present will rectify it somewhat until a more complete solution is found. 

Not every home interior or yard exterior is perfect. Often, they need an overhaul to address specific concerns to fix the problem. 

3 Tips for Designing an Outdoor Entertainment Area

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Are you a homeowner with a bunch of extra outdoor space?

Do you love to entertain?

Are you a fan of longer nights and warmer, summery weather?

Then combining the two and building an outdoor entertainment area for you and your friends and family to enjoy this coming summer can be a great little renovation project for all to enjoy. What’s more, an outdoor entertainment area can increase your property’s value! It’s a win-win!

Party, Emotions, Sommerfest, Grill Party, Barbecue

Before you start the project, however, you will need to take a moment to decide on the aesthetic of your outdoor entertainment area as well as its purpose. For instance, do you want a place to cook and eat? Or would you prefer a little corner for you and your loved ones to cozy up and talk with a few cocktails? Either way, this needs to be decided before the building work commences. 

Read on for a few useful tips on how to design an outdoor entertainment area you will truly enjoy and get use out of.

Decide on the Outdoor Entertainment Area’s Main Function

As previously mentioned, you will want to decide what it is you wish to get out of your entertainment area. How can you do this? Well, you can do this by taking a moment to truly think about what it is that you enjoy doing the most. For instance, do you host a lot of BBQs? Do you like to make cocktails with your friends? Do you typically have your friends over or are you someone who invites family round for relaxed afternoon beers in the sun? There are a lot of ideas and potential, so think this one through so that you settle on the function that suits you best. 

Look Online for Inspiration

Once you have decided on what it is you wish to do to your outdoor area, it is time to head online for inspiration. By doing so, you can unlock your outdoor area’s potential and see how other homeowners have pulled off their entertainment area. Furthermore, if you have a small space to work with, then you could find useful tips on how you can make the most out of the space provided and utilize everything to the max. Check out these outdoor living area designs; they might just spark your imagination. 

Speak to Contractor and Landscape Designers

Make sure you find a reliable and trustworthy contractor and landscape designer who can help you create your dream outdoor entertainment area. They will be able to work with you in designing, building, and curating your backyard so that you get the most out of it, but also creating the aesthetic that you desire. They may also make suggestions that are better than your previous thoughts and plans. When deciding on a contractor, builder or landscape designer, make sure to read testimonials.

Summer is fast approaching, so be ready to bask in the sun and enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. By doing so, you can have a fun and relaxing summer with those who matter the most to you. 

How to Design a Luxurious Guest Room on a Budget

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Having guests over to stay is super fun and it is nice to feel as though you can visit them but also host them over at your place.

The only stress involved in having guests over to stay is thinking about where to put them up for the night and how to make their stay pleasant. However, you definitely don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on this – you can quite easily design a luxurious guest room. There are so many simple ways to do this on a budget too, so you won’t have to break the bank while accommodating for guests.

black table lamp on nightstand

Here are just a few tips for property owners:

Getting a Comfortable Mattress

Getting a comfortable mattress is essential for having a luxurious guest room and this should definitely be your main priority. If you focus too much on the décor of the room but not on the comfort you provide, you’re going about it the wrong way. The décor is less important to the guests than a good night’s sleep.

grey and white bed

Ultimately you are aiming for your guests to sleep as peacefully as possible, so a good mattress is really important. If you need some inspiration on which mattress would be best for your guest room, take a read through this Newsweek post on the best hybrid mattresses.

Keep the Style Classy and Clean

The first step to achieving luxury in a guest bedroom is keeping everything clean and tidy and avoiding clutter where possible. Sticking to a minimalist theme is probably the easiest way to do this – since if you try and add too many decorations, it can get complex and things may start to clash. Having said this, putting a couple of paintings on the wall can be great for adding a bit of character, but nothing too over the top.

white bedspread on bed near window

You could try and color coordinate everything inside the room by matching the bed, walls, and furniture, for example. This will help make your guest room look effortlessly put together. Doing simple chores such as dusting and vacuuming will also make a huge difference. 

This doesn’t cost much money at all – just look out for items on sale in shops, and eventually, you will manage to build up enough things for the guest room to look fully furnished and great. 

Maximize the Storage Space

When you have guests over to stay, it’s nice for them to be able to put their things somewhere without having to simply put their suitcase on the floor. It will feel much more luxurious for them if they are able to hang up any nice clothes and put items away. In order for them to do this, you need to have sufficient storage space. This ideally should include a wardrobe as well as a chest of drawers and you can find these for cheap prices by looking at flea markets or in thrift shops.

Why not buy a cheap piece of furniture and do it up yourself, so that you don’t have to spend extortionate prices on something brand-new and perfectly done up? 

Don’t stress too much about your guest room, as it is likely that your guest will be someone that is so happy to see you again that they won’t be focusing too much on the small details. They will really appreciate any effort you put in to put them up, so don’t let being on a budget make you feel disheartened. Ultimately, the effort you put into the room is more important than the money you spend on it, so personalizing it a bit and adding some nice scents and pictures will go a long way. 

Key Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodel in 2021

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The bathroom is the most private room in our home. It is the room we need to use just after waking up in the morning and throughout the day and into the night. Moreover, we use it when we have to freshen up or groom. But, the setup of the other room undergoes frequent changes; the bathroom remains unchanged for a long time. On the other hand, if we go for a bathroom remodel, it will truly impact the environment of our home.

man climbing on ladder inside room

What is a bathroom remodel?

The bathroom remodel is a process in which we modify the internal set up of a bathroom aesthetically, without changing the basic structure. To add massive value to your home, you should consider a modern bathroom remodel in 2021. 

What are the benefits of a bathroom remodel?

The followings are the benefits of the bathroom remodel.

  • Enhancement of the beauty of the bathroom
  • The higher value of your house
  • More convenient bathroom
  • Space management
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Increased hygiene level
  • Eradication of pests and cockroaches
  • The refreshed and joyful mood of the user
  • Energy and water conservation
  • The preservation of the environment

What is involved with a bathroom remodel?

Two key factors are involved in a bathroom remodel.

  1. How to get the bathroom remodeled?
  2. What is required to be done in the bathroom remodel?

How to get the bathroom remodeled?

Getting the bathroom remodeled involves two main steps, which are as given below.

Fixing your budget

The bathroom-remodel incurs significant expenses. Hence before going for it, assess the amount that you can spend on it without facing any financial problems.

Engagement of bathroom remodel contractor

You will have to hire a good bathroom remodeling contractor. They are the skilled professionals for this work. They will assess the condition of the bathroom and suggest the required modification or changes and also the expenses involved.

What is required to be done in the bathroom remodel?

Though there may be slight variations in different cases, in general, the following tasks are done in the bathroom remodel.

  • Floor renovation by repairing or constructing a new floor
  • Space management by reinstalling utilities to manage space
  • Walls face-lifting by repairing and repainting in pleasant colors
  • Holes and leakage removing to prevent the entry of pests
  • Installation of energy and water-saving bathroom utilities
  • Storage space management to provide space for toiletries and towels etc.
  •  The proper inflow of the  fresh air
  • Proper disposal of bathroom waste

Final Words

It was a brief explanation to – What is involved with a bathroom remodel? – In general. It is recommended to take the advice of a bathroom remodeling contractor before going for a bathroom remodel.

4 Luxury Features to Add Value (and Fun) to Your Home

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There is a lot of focus on design and décor in the home, but what about the fun factor? If you spend a lot of time at home, or entertain in your home, then there is such a thing as wanting to make the space fun and enjoyable.

This is what adds to the overall comfort and appeal of your home. But what steps can you take to move in the direction of ‘fun’? We’ve got four features that you think about adding to your home – both indoors and outdoors – that will definitely amp up the fun factor.

The Ultimate Home Theater System

For those who love watching movies and television shows, or playing videogames, a home theater system is an absolute must.

black flat screen tv on brown wooden tv rack

You can really go to extremes with your home setup, from the equipment you invest in, including the size of the TV; the quality of the sound system and number of speakers; the furniture you choose; the lighting in the room; and even the paint color on the walls. You can get really creative with the setup so that it feels as close to a theater as possible.

Enjoy Some Golf Practice at Home

There’s no need to head to the golf course or driving range in order to have fun with your favorite sport, as you can purchase plenty of at-home golf equipment. These are the kind of items that are perfect to use on your own, or even with other members of your household or friends/family that stop by. 

white golf ball on tee stand

Wondering what the essential items are for enjoying golf practice at home? You can get a good golf mat in order to simulate the feeling of the fairway, pick up a putting green (note that some even have little sand traps, water hazards, and “hills” to create more of a challenge), and buy a hitting net. These items can be used indoors or outdoors depending on your space and preference.

Create Your Own Bar or Pub

Here’s another way you can make your home more fun, and that’s to create your very own bar or pub. This is the perfect addition for those who love entertaining, as your home will likely become the new favorite bar to visit. What’s great about setting up a home bar is that you can really go as extreme or as low key as you want. You don’t need a huge space to install a bar; it’s all about creativity.

lighted candles on brown wooden table

Some of the key features you may want to include in your bar include a bar fridge, storage for glasses and steins, as well as alcohol that doesn’t need refrigeration, a sink, counter space, and a couple of bar stools. Where things can get really fun is with the décor, as this will help to set the scene.

Add Some Large and Traditional Games to the Space

Then we have the more standard games that you’d see in an actual bar, such as billiards/pool, air hockey, table shuffleboard, and foosball to name a few. While you likely don’t have the space to add all of them, pick out one or a couple that really appeal to you and make them the focus of your entertainment space. 

If you’re more into traditional board games, you can create a dedicated table space for playing your games with seating for four to six players. Some great board games to pick up include checkers, chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Jenga. It’s always nice to have a variety on hand so there is something to appeal to everyone and all ages.

Each of these tips will help you to easily crank up the level of fun in your home.